ACOM DVT Reward Event Announcement - Additional 250 TRX Added To This Week's Dividend Payouts

The Reward Event that we're having this week for all holders of ACOM DVT has just got better. We are adding an additional 250 TRX to the dividend pot which is rather nice for you guys! This is in addition to the 150 Steem we are also adding to the pot this week as part of our Reward Event week.
We hope you guys will enjoy the extra bonus payments. It all comes as part and parcel of our financial commitment we made to people who invested in ACOM DVT in our original launch post.


Remember so long as you continue to hold ACOM DVT you will receive a daily share of all the TRX produced by the ACOM Steemit account, paid weekly directly into your Steemit wallets. The payments will be made proportionate to your holding. The average weekly TRX produced at the moment is around 215 TRX. The current SP in the ACOM Steemit account is now 132,000 SP.

If you are interested in purchasing any ACOM DVT there are 462 official ACOM DVT tokens left on the market for sale from the latest batch. Don't forget for every 20 ACOM DVT you buy from us you are given 1 ACUV token as a thank you which gets you a one off full upvote from the ACOM Steemit account on a post of your choosing.


The current price of our ACOM DVT is 2 Steem a piece, which represents a 1 Steem increase from our original batch of 1000 tokens listed for sale. We make no apology for increasing the price, the price increase was outlined in our original launch post and represents the value of the token when you consider how much profit you will generate for holding the token in the mid to long term. You can purchase ACOM DVT right here

If anyone has any questions they would like to ask or has any feedback they would like to provide please do not hesitate and get in contact through our various contact points.

The ACOM Team




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Comments 14

Hello dear friends @acom good afternoon
This is becoming more and more interesting for those of us who have ¨ACOM¨¨DVT¨ I am very happy to be part of this group of investors.
Thank you very much for all that you do for all of us. You guys are really cool

I tell all my friends on steemit that they should consider investing in these tokkens, they have many benefits.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a splendid night

09.06.2021 20:36

Thank you @jlufer for your support, engagement and investment. It's great to have people like you on board, and as you can see the journey will only get more rewarding.

09.06.2021 21:19

It's a real pleasure dear friends @acom
I hope that many people can see the power of ¨ACOM¨¨DVT¨ and all the benefits that come with it.
I wish you happy dreams

09.06.2021 22:17

Is there the Acom token in Steem Engine?

09.06.2021 21:10

Hey @stefano.massari yes ACOM DVT is a token created on the Steem-Engine platform, there is a link to it in the post if you wish to purchase any.

09.06.2021 21:20

Thanks for reply! Yes I would

09.06.2021 21:23

Greetings friend, as always delivering the report of your responsibility with the users who bought acom Dvt. Good luck!

09.06.2021 21:11

Hello friend, as always fulfilling the responsibility of your investors, I wish you much success to acom

09.06.2021 21:20

Greetings friends of @Acom.

Your effort is worth any investment, I believe you are determined to give the best return to those who trust in your project, so I show you my appreciation by obtaining another few tokens to increase the amount of ACOM DVT holding.

Thank you for your good management.

09.06.2021 23:55

Thank you @adeljose for your investment and your very kind words, we do appreciate you very much.

10.06.2021 02:38

I'm planning to buy acom DvT soon, I just have a question, after buying the 20and above DvT token and getting a once in a life time fill upvote, then getting a dividend of the trx curstion everyday, is that all.

I'm just curious, there won't be any subsequent vote again?

10.06.2021 10:42

Hey @botefarm thanks for your question. In answer to it yes for every 20 ACOM DVT you buy from us you get 1 ACUV, which is an upvote credit you redeem using Steem-Engine to receive a full upvote from us. That vote is simply a sweetener and to say thank you for investing in us, you do not get 1 ACUV each week unlike the TRX dividend payment which you keep receiving each week so long as you keep holding ACOM DVT.

10.06.2021 13:21

Still holding strong!
Thanks for your ongoing support.
DC 🙏

10.06.2021 20:40

aqui mi visita amigo, que siga recibiendo bendiciones, saludos desde venezuela

10.06.2021 20:48