Tesla real Estate Berkshire Hathaway Justin Sun Steemit . Elon Musk Buys Steem, uses it for TESLA after seeing how fast it is. At first just for referals.

@appics_official @Tesla @BHHSRealEstate @Tesla #NFT Real Estate by Berkshire Hathaway can use $TSLA Solar Mining to spend excess solarpower mining $XMR which mines $DOGE which will connect to a freemarket charity startup #blockchain network onHot springs http://steemit.com @elonmusk



when @elonmusk buys @steemit from @justinsuntron & #STEEM price is high enough, then I can buy 3 for $500 http://TSVJewelers.com #TSVjewelers 2.5Oz Pure Silver + Conflict Free Diamond #cryptocurrency #NFT backed pendent & chain...but for all the OTHER coins like #BTC $TSLA #DOGE


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