Telos Finally has the SQRL Wallet SQRL token!


I am so excited to see what this new token will do for the SQRL wallet! Imagine if @jesta gave @greymass a token to allow users to stake and earn rewards and or just extra features as a 100% utility providing option. I love this idea of creating tokens for KEYCHAIN and STeem Engine using ENg to stake, or for @privex @someguy123 to allow us to buy and hold PRIVEX and thus create a market for the tokens to get a DISCOUNT on withdraw / dep fees!

To get 1 free TLOS tokens for being a steem user or a West African, come to our new Group

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Something I really love about telos is how SQRL works and has this governance system with all of these features!


And with worker proposals we have 0% inflation. telos give sme money and yet has 0$% inflation ...BP Pay and WPS funds come from unclaimed telos Funds! Telos maxed out airdrops to EOS main net genesis wallets at 40k Telos, just like @palnet capped users so we will see similarities and understand what telos did to EOS, similar to what Pal did for steem. We can end up with an incredible system for Steemians getting a lesson in governance and new proposals on github for a hardfork 23 or 24 after SMTs, and these new features for Steem can bring the best of telos. And telos cna have STEEM social media features built in!

So come post your telos account OR just pst a STEEM post you made about Telos and we will tip you 1 TLOS token as I have secure thousands for steem and African blockchain users

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Nice. It's a great blockchain project.

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06.11.2019 20:00