and steem users, look at my STELLAR from the airdrop ! ima get like $27 a month hah some people live off that. $100 Million USD worth of stellar, or 2 B stellar Lumens XLM

wow man 149 XLM and i got like 260!!! Like $27 worth fo XLM. Stellar foundation giving out $100 Million dollars worth of XLm or 2 B XLM and it is something I want to share with my fellow users.

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keybase is for keeping everyone's chat and files safe using cryptocurrency encryption and pgp with stellar just happened to have hooked them up with funding and now we have an incredible app @cadawg can tell you about!

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I surely need to try this, thanks for sharing!

23.09.2019 21:17

I got 404 error on the link.

23.09.2019 21:43

No, stop this!!! The more you promote the keybase stellar airdrop, the less we get each month. Talk about backwards systems right? But I love it, because it brings that filter of 'i don't want to invite people that will abuse the system, I want to bring quality friends'.... But then we spam post on social media and get the swine anyways. Hahaha

24.09.2019 03:24

You do realize I could upvote you in 24 hours for each post and be down 50%

24.09.2019 15:58