I just sent 200 Crypto Peso to fyrtsikken over TWITTER. now THIS is exactly what I want, and if EOS tokens can do it, steem engine can too. @aggroed would be able to be king of twitter

I just used the https://tipit.io to deposit and tip to @fyrstikken 200 hundred PSO main net EOSIO tokens to his Tipit TWITTER account (seperate from the tipit discord ALSO separate from the tipit telegram balance lol i bet @inertia 's @banjo bot could do better to keep all balances for a user the same maybe its easier to not ? )

Now if we can just do this for @steem-engine tokens then @aggroed can be the king fo twitter throwing around steem-engine tokens for various scot tribes, and i can already see how fun it will be. Its already really fun the way i was able to tip someone over twitter who didn't need an eos account to receive some cryptocurrency.

We could have @aggroed and me sending out TIPS all day everyday of steem engine tokens,much cheaper than ram consuming eos tips, and we could have a website like we have with https://tipit.io or a bot that live son twitter, either way, if they can do it, so can we and it could help steem engine more than anything to have this tip bot going around telling people they've been tipping a few steem engine tokens OR maybe the bot can do THIS, tip the persons twitter page, but give them a generated image that shows what they got and who sent it to them, so people can go post it and maybe some generated text to the people to post on their friends twitter they just toipped. I mean for now all i did was .tip 1 ANX on fyrtsikken's tweet and I didnt see anything so to make sure i found teh tipit twitter tip page here https://tipit.io/send

You can buy Crypto Peso here on Steem-engine https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=PSOP

https://eosvenezuela.io/cryptopeso.html @eosvenezuela

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