Elon Musk in Germany basically signals allegiance to Appics.com WHY? Because his GF is on Newlife.ai - Grimes and so newlife is on telos which also has Appics

he may buy steem, its all set up like dominoes, warren buffet,m las vegas solar energy, dogecoin, steem when doge comes then its steem, poloniex, lol its insane man @justinsunsteemit already talked to @elonmusk many times watch the dominoes fall

Splain, you got some splainin to do huh? You think a lil axe and a lil xae and a lil zachary KIRK HORN master of coin is a lil coin cidence eh? eh?


you think uh we dont what we dont notice? You think were funny like a clown?


What u think he just drops the APX logo? eh ? EH?

WHAt u think he aint uuuh thinking about a lil deal with @justinsunsteemit @appics @hellotelos eh?

You dont think Ivonna Mask hasnt been talking uuh our little friend @dan and @trump and @stan and @xi and Xae?

Elons Children and Ancestors have been positioned throughout time itself to coordinate a massive Evangelion type 1 civilization Olympic torch ceremony





download - 2021-02-07T095913.547.jfif

download - 2021-02-06T144134.253.jfif




Appics look the logo is there you see it you know it

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