Buying DOGE with Blocktrades and sending to steem-engine to RAIN on PAL discord, also CRYPTOPESO 1 for all PAL discord members!

Buying DOGECOIN is so fun with @blocktrades

WOOO AND I AM giving DOGE and over 1 Crypto peso from @eosvenezuela to EVERYONE on @palnet !!!

I love giving out dogecoinP on Discord using @banjo bot by inertia

Anyway check out crypto peso it needs some help and @stray was last to buy some, i wanna get a venezuela DAC by @eosdac made for @eosvenezuela and that could help them get back into the top 80 block producer list so they can earn 100 liquid eos everyday. They got dropped from the threshold, and need to get some votes to compete but this is a wakeup call, forcing eos veenzuela to work harder to create a better reason to buy PSO. I want to believe PSO will be the BEST way to grab a piece of Venezuelain the future when they are done with their painful economic lesson. The wealthy venezuelans should be able to use a hardcapped max supply token like PSO with 1 billion MAX supply (The smart contact itself needs to be decentralized and more and more EOSIO tokens will start using multisig for control of the smart contract that handles the tokens.

Anyway you can trade Crypto peso in two places I like,

And thanks to @juliakponsford for showing me a great new tool by a discord member @danielsaori called @dorabot Hereis the link to palnet discord

Just look at all these features!


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