According to new stats of steem distribution, BITTREX now has the LARGEST single account, and exchanges hold over 100 MILLION Steem&SP while Steemit Incs Steem Steemit and Misterdelegation only have 61 million Steem&SP

This new information on the top accounts of steem has changes a lot and it is beautiful

Exchanges own over 100 million Steem/SP now! And steemit incs top 3 accounts @steemit @steem @misterdelegation only have approx 61 million Steem/SP I hope you realize how important that is to see these numbers balancing out to a much more attractive distribution.

Now this is a Joyous occasion, because the sale of steem has decentralized steem blockchain more and more and its better @ned @steemit @elipowell or whoever, did this now while price is cheap instead of trying to do this while price was higher when it could have killed a future moon shot! This way we can see everyone who wanted large amounts of cheap steem able to get a little more.

Anyway check out the stats for yourself and i call upon @whatsup to show us the magical power of the pie chart that i knwo she can remind me how i can make again

id love to compare the previous charts she made for me with today's charts! I could make it into a youtube video and signal youtube crypto people that steems distribution has been modified and its all good to come into the pool again :D

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This is great news, steem gets decentralized as time goes by.

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21.08.2019 11:59

Wait a minute... I thought ned and company started shifting their funds to Bittrex to store there? Im sure that their relative positions have diminished but I thought it was more of a hiding out place for them in the face of a supposed threat to hardfork them out.

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21.08.2019 16:32