Subreddit account creation sticky thread

I just posted this thread on the r/steemit subreddit (subscribe if you haven't yet) which will remain there as a sticky for anyone stumbling upon our subreddit with OCD's new onboarding efforts. It will be kept sticky and allow Redditors to apply for an account while the person creating the account can glance at their Reddit activity/history to make sure it's not just someone wanting to farm accounts but at the same time it will also work as a semi-anonymous layer where they apply for an account and the person in charge to create it won't link the two together.

Anyway, if you have any more suggestions of what to add in there please let me know here and I'll edit the post. Will be checking up on Reddit daily now and make this a bigger priority so we don't miss out on new users wanting an account. We also have a lot of claimed accounts waiting to be created through OCD so it will be nice to put them to good use.

Just wanted to drop an update on this before we start off with the onboarding initiatives of OCD. If anyone is still interested in joining please take a look at this post and the list of requirements and either apply there or join our discord to get in touch with us there.


50% of the post rewards are being sent to @steem.dao.

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Sending 50% of rewards to the dao is very generous of you.
I like the part where it says if you want a free account, try asking.

As a suggestion, maybe change the sentence "One of them being SteemHunt and Actifit" to "Two of them being SteemHunt and Actifit."

17.09.2019 05:02

thanks, my english very bad! :D

17.09.2019 05:25


17.09.2019 05:19

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17.09.2019 05:20

Anonymity is key & I wish entire web to move towards. I just wonder when Google or other Data driven giant stop spying , will be interested to know your thought on this as well @acidyo @steem.dao

17.09.2019 05:23

@steem.dao is a decentralized autonomous organization. It doesn't have the capacity to offer its thoughts on the matter, but I guess it isn't aligned with the Google.

17.09.2019 05:54

@abitcoinskeptic I understand the face that is not aligned with Google neither I am specific on a particular, what I am saying is lets have a decentralized web without being spied by Giants be it Google, Reddit or any as such who are offering services based on Data that are been collected from us to serve us. I hope I have able to made my point & I understand that its a controversial point and we all know this facts but very few will express and very few cares.


17.09.2019 06:13

I'm really close to being able to claim accounts myself. They cost like 9.5b RC and I have 9.1b lol, I'll get there soon.

17.09.2019 09:09

Actually managed to claim one now! I was left at 2% rc but that was worth it! I guess the price fluctuates a lot during the night!

17.09.2019 09:18


17.09.2019 13:29

Haven't been on Steemit as much recently, has it become harder to make a Steemit account lately?

18.09.2019 00:07

Easier than in late 2017. :D

18.09.2019 04:56

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18.09.2019 19:44