PSA: ENGAGE token announcement for the upcoming snapshot

Hey everyone. I was going to write a longer post with my thoughts on Hive and everything but until I find the time to do so I wanted to quickly get out some info on the ENGAGE token on steem-engine since it's a bit more urgent.

As you know we've been using part of the returns of @ocdb which were initially meant to be used for tipping but with the tipbot yet to exist (maybe on HIVE it will be created faster) we've been using them for other things to improve user retention and engagement. With the upcoming snapshot on Friday we just wanted to remind everyone who want to hold as much STEEM as possible on their accounts to 1) withdraw them from for the time being and 2) we have buy orders of ENGAGE remaining on the website for anyone who wants to sell their ENGAGE for STEEM.

For anyone who wants to continue holding ENGAGE, the future of it is still unclear depending on Steem-engine migrating to Hive and other things. This is just to give anyone time to sell if they wish but it doesn't mean that we are going to abandon ENGAGE. If there is some Steem left over in the buy orders before the snapshot we will be withdrawing it for a short period to receive the equivalent amount of HIVE tokens and once that is done it will be placed back in buy orders like usual.

Although there are a lot of things going on right now our plans are still to evolve ENGAGE with future SMT's and more decisions on it have not been made at this time.

Happy snapshot date everyone, remember to withdraw from exchanges (if you can :()!

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We have a dilemma whether the snapshot was finally taken at the time of the announcement or whether it will be taken on Friday.

I guess that clears that up!

18.03.2020 18:56

Thanks for the heads-up, forgot to check steem-engine but might be prevalent now to get as much steem as possible in the steem wallet for the move over to Hive.

See you on the other side!

18.03.2020 19:13

Thanks will move my SteemP now and get ready to see you all on the other side

18.03.2020 19:23

I hope it counties even if it's not worth much. It has been fun giving out the tokens.

I'm going keep at least 1k. More than likely sell off a couple extra i have.

18.03.2020 19:34

Fair call. I'll keep hold of what I have anyway so people can sell off if they wish.

Would be pretty awesome if S-E came along too, I got a fair few bags that have sold off like crazy this past month or too.

18.03.2020 21:45

Thanks for the info!
See you on HIVE hopefully!

18.03.2020 22:48

Seems everyone is excited about hive and buying steem to get the hive tokens, it will be interesting on hive to see how engagement happens.

18.03.2020 23:59

I'm in the hive

19.03.2020 11:57

Hello Acidyo, i barely understand this. Could you explain a bit further?

19.03.2020 15:14

Great. Thanks for the heads up.

19.03.2020 19:47