John McAfee tweets about his videos being deleted from the web

Figured it was a good time to start mentioning platforms that exist on decentralized blockchains that won't delete his videos because of who he is such as @threespeak and @dtube. It's nice to see a lot of Steem dapp mentions in the tweet already but let's show them how big our community really is!

Other mentions so far:

Thanks @belemo for the retweet so I could stumble upon this! Great to see Steemians grow on Twitter which I hope the #posh initiative has had some influence on.

Anyway, here's a link to his tweet:

Let me know if you replied with your suggestions and me and others will reward you with a vote for your time!

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It was a pleasant coincidence, I'm hoping others jump on it now.

12.01.2020 11:38


12.01.2020 12:55

He has been here since Jan '18, unless that is a sock puppet.
If it is him, we should get sc up off him, eh?

What happened to @cynthiamckinney?
She even verified her account.

12.01.2020 18:01

Probably a sock puppet / place holder account .

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12.01.2020 21:37

Maybe, or just not willing to jump through our hoops.

13.01.2020 00:41

I just sent thia reply to McAfee and told him how ready we are to trend #mcafee220

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12.01.2020 11:57

We have the force of ying-yang in actions that will be a convergence point.

12.01.2020 12:25

The need for alternate streaming sites to YouTube has been known for many years. We should be directing people to good platforms, though, like Flote and LBRY.

Unlike DTube and 3Speak, Flote and LBRY are free, easy to sign up for, and videos continue to play forever! Also, Flote anbd LBRY function independently and aren't limited and tied to the Steem blockchain. No waiting 2+ weeks for an account, then paying money to sign up for another account to get access to video uploads! Both Flote and LBRY can literally be up and running within seconds, and nothing is required except an email address. DTube and 3Speak are inferior in every possible way and continuing to insist people waste their time and resources there is in very bad form.

12.01.2020 16:20

3speak and dtube are free to use and people posting there make more in a week during steem's bottom than the two projects you mentioned have given out in rewards combined probably. What's with the constant negativity from you?

12.01.2020 17:01

3Speak dropped their fee? I hadn't heard that... great news!
But neither 3Speak nor Dtube are free because they require a functioning Steem account, which is not. Try starting at 0SP and see how many videos you manage to upload.
We need free platforms, with instant signup and access, where videos continue to play forever. Steem isn't gaining any new members as YouTube empties out - the proof is in the pudding. Flote and LBRY are doubling in size every few weeks right now. Steem has been stuck at a million accounts for what, 2 years?
If we had a decent video platform here, it would have helped, but people have had to go elsewhere for that.

12.01.2020 17:22

Try starting at 0SP and see how many videos you manage to upload.

1 I think you're still able to do even with 0 SP. But come we both know most new accounts get some free delegation, on top of that Steem is worth barely anything right now and we have RC delegation coming up which will bring the cost close to 0.

12.01.2020 17:30

Couldn't find an account with 0 SP off the top of my head, this was the closest I could find:

12.01.2020 17:31

That's $0.02 to post a comment/post per day.

12.01.2020 17:31

2020-01-12 20_06_24-Quora Onboarding Initiative. Q- Can a user in Steem with zero STEEM POWER withou.png

12.01.2020 18:07

The chain auto-adjusts the SP to "virtual" 1.025 SP so that the account can interact...sort of :P

12.01.2020 18:11

LBRY is literally unusable for me. It relies on people seeding and downloading the videos, so older videos don’t play for me. Some popular ones do, but the user exp is not good. With RC delegation coming soon with light accounts, users won’t need a full steem account and can sign up instantly. Unlike LBRY, Steem actually scales.

12.01.2020 18:44

Nice catch ;)

12.01.2020 18:52

so when i make interview with mcafee u flag it with @ocdb @acidyo & rest to almost zero but when you make a post about his little tweet you get it to 60 USD?
whats up voters here dont you see whats up on STEEM since 2 months ? @theycallmedan @jphamer1 @kevinwong
worth to mention u bet publicly i wont do this interview while i did, u still didnt pay.


13.01.2020 04:33

I didn't accept your stupid bet you fucking moron. Maybe don't compare yourself to me. But if that's what you want I'll make a post and we'll see what other people think.

13.01.2020 07:17

hey i found ur photo.

14.01.2020 04:53

just this doesnt show how u scammed people on primedice for which u got ban on but can be found on

14.01.2020 04:54

Really? You do this joke considering your content and the way you behave for just a few more upvotes? lol

14.01.2020 08:30

Stop selfvoting your comments, lol.

13.01.2020 07:18