Changes to #godsunchained and @teamocd

Hey everyone!

Some of you may know that we're building and have one of the biggest Gods Unchained teams here on Steem, @teamocd! As we're awaiting 1v1 to start tournaments and other fun new features we've also been hosting weekend tournaments to spice things up a bit when playing for Core Decks. I haven't done the math, but I believe we've given out over 3k Steem and 12+ Genesis Rare Chests (valued at ~0.3 eth each) so far and it has been fun to see the amount of participants each time even when things have been a bit slow from the GU side on updates and activity.

We have been funding these tournaments through our @ocdbfund account which was meant to fund tipping Steem outside of Steem but as there's yet a working tipbot to exist we decided to fund these instead and have had a good success on turning players into content creators. :)

Effective immediately, though, we'll be funding something else with those Steem, you can read about that in the comment section of this post, so this post is going to discuss what this will mean about the future contests and tournaments.

@teamocd has SP from generous users like you who have been sending it part of your post rewards as beneficiaries, instead of powering that down we wanted it to become self-sufficient and in the future with a higher Steem price maybe be able to cover part of the tournament giveaways on it's own. Right now it's delegating it's SP to @ocdb and receiving daily returns but of course those are not much to brag about yet! In future tournaments we will be relying on people helping fund them with beneficiary being sent to @teamocd where the liquids will be used as prizes on top of the returns from @ocdb while the SP remains staked and delegated out to @ocdb. This will mean that the prizes we'll be giving out will be a lot more limited, instead of giving out 0.2-0.5 Steem per win like we have in the past it will instead function as all participants playing for 300-500 Steem prize pool instead, the size of that will depend on the generosity of authors sending @teamocd beneficiaries and the growth of the account delegating it's SP for daily returns.

While this may be a short term nerf in the prize pool we're excited to see it become self-sufficient to continue giving out rewards in the near future and hopefully run these tournaments on a weekly basis rewarding the most consistent players the most. On top of that we also have some generous GU investors in @teamocd who are interested in helping fund these tournaments with extra Genesis cards. We have some ideas of having a certain amount of cards ready for giveaways and letting the winners choose which one they want depending on their playstyle or which Gen cards they are lacking.

Anyway, that's it for now, let us know your thoughts on the changes and if you think we could improve somehow. We're going to get a bit more active here with season 1 coming out soon and get a bit more creative with contests and tournaments, also there will be a new tournament this weekend so remember to follow @ocd not to miss out on that!

Stay tuned and immutable. ;)

Special thanks to @derangedvisions, @enginewitty, @snook, @steeminator3000 and @fearlessgu for helping fund the past and future tournaments through beneficiaries and donations.

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Nice ! I always forgot the put beneficiary :D

16.01.2020 20:37

"forgot" ;D

16.01.2020 20:38

;) ;)

17.01.2020 10:45

Effective immediately, though, we'll be funding something else with those Steem, you can read about that in the comment section of this post.

Would be nice to get some OCD curators into the ENGAGE club. As stating in @acidyo's comment on the post, those boosting the best/most interesting comments are likely to receive a nudge themselves - win-win :)

16.01.2020 20:37

ReadCheck out #banana-stand, there was a lot of interest. :)

16.01.2020 20:39

I found a #banana, not sure if it’s the right one. Will check in again at the weekend 👍🏽

17.01.2020 07:28

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16.01.2020 20:41

Good stuff. Even people not playing could set beneficiaries to "give back" a little.. That's how I think anyway. You guys are doing a great job!

Hopefully there are some new packs coming out soon. I did pretty good with the first wave and I'm anticipating future developments. Thanks for the update!

16.01.2020 21:58

Interesting read and some great ideas!

Still a little unsure if there will be an OCD tournament already this weekend though or not - is there another post somewhere about that? :)

Followed ya all, hoping for some great future content from you guys :)

17.01.2020 08:27

There is one active now, sign up for it by commenting with your GU username in the latest @ocd post!

17.01.2020 14:52