AskSteem: Who are your top supporters?

I think it was @tarazkp who showed me this site a long time ago and I think it has some pretty cool stats to show users in case you weren't aware of it: created by @magicmonk It may be a good thing to look back every now and then through this list and remember who has made your Steem journey more worth it. Not to sound like I'm expecting a pat on my shoulders for my curation or that I've been super altrustic, after all I'm #1 on my own list T_T but I feel authors forget easily the good parts and like to focus on the bad things of Steem such as prices, etc. I know the feeling well of being disappointed of someone stopping to curate you but while they are doing it you get used to it and take it for granted. Oh humans, why are we such ungrateful assholes. :D

Anyway, a big thank you to @blocktrades who mainly has supported the Fantasy League for 2 years on my account, @wackou who used to follow my curation and @kpine who was auto curating me for some time when prices were rather high. These are the biggest supporters in $ value but there are so many in that list that I appreciate just as much for their continued support, comments and resteems and I'm hoping to see them continue on this journey and where it will take us all together.

Who are your biggest supporters?

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1 sndbox $2,793.76 189
2 cryptoctopus $2,468.24 171
3 dmania $1,984.68 47
4 kingscrown $1,610.94 693
5 acidyo $904.31 64

Thanks for almost 1g !

13.07.2019 19:38

Ah very cool man, mines actually 🙄but I saw a few names who regularly comment too who I’ve become close with and it’s nice to see their names up there and how much they’ve contributed to my account growth

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13.07.2019 19:40

wow pretty interesting i will look back for my supporters and ask them thanks...

13.07.2019 19:40

I love this tool, thanks for the supporters along the way!

13.07.2019 19:41

You're number 4 on my list! Its pretty badass to see who supports you- including the communities that have been huge in your steemit journey

13.07.2019 19:50

How to find like this ?? Would you like to tell me. Because I want to know too. Thanks.

13.07.2019 20:15

Sure, on the main page type in your user name, then click the contributors button.

13.07.2019 20:19

Should've maybe added that in after the link in the post, not sure if everyone reads it through though even. :D

13.07.2019 20:35

The website it pretty user friendly! I don't know that it needs a lot of explanation

13.07.2019 20:38

I miss it first,, I am sorry sir @acidyo. But now I understand :) thanks and blessing. I want to make a post about this site to share to my friend. :)

14.07.2019 01:32

Thanks.. Usually I use by @steemchiller to see my contribution and my follower contribution and my movement. Now, I see do great work too. Very recomended and simple too. Blessing for people make this site. Thanks for your attention @sunravelme.

14.07.2019 01:30

I didn't know that site. That's cool!!

1 hendrikdegrote $583.32 28
2 blocktrades $76.26 4
3 acidyo $57.76 11
4 curie $52.41 28
5 ocd $37.52 16

I wonder what the dollars are based on... because I don't have that much steem in my account (I wish) :)

13.07.2019 19:55

Yeah I think it's based on the value at the time or the SBD+Steem, not entirely sure.

13.07.2019 20:10

could be that the $ is actually the STU... in that case, it is pretty near in my case.

13.07.2019 20:15

Hello sir @acidyo. This is interesting idea to know who the biggest supporter in our movement in this platform. Well, I have collected and the top of my biggest suppoerter is

And also my followers who have help me to grow up here, i cant mention them one by one, but their contribution very great, blessing them.

13.07.2019 20:13

Nice :D

14.07.2019 07:38

Thanks so much @abh12345 because let me to participate in minnow league, of course this is after I succes in @paulag's league too. Blessinhng

14.07.2019 16:59

That's great to hear, have a nice week :)

15.07.2019 16:40

Thank you to these awesome curators:
1 @sniffnscurry $359.63 196
2 @surpassinggoogle $93.81 46
3 @oracle-d $75.55 11
4 @theycallmedan $56.12 24
5 @steemchurch $37.05 198
6 @candyman $13.53 12
7 @top-exchanges $11.93 4
8 @musing $11.22

13.07.2019 20:31

I had no idea about ​​that site. Thanks for the tip, @acidyo.

I think you were one of them who helped me a little bit (with some upvotes :D) around here. I also can mention @ocd, @cervantes, @steemcenterwiki and @curie (which are great projects).

13.07.2019 20:47

My top 3 in dollar value: 1) kpine who autovoted me for a good few months in the beginning, which made me feel like I really could 'get somewhere' and probably has played a big part in me staying on Steem as long as I did, 2) ocdb which is basically me to compensate for the fact that I don't self-vote otherwise :P, and 3) oracle-d, both from organic rewards as for doing some reviews/tasks they offer, although I do them only when the subject interests me.

You're in my top 5 by the way :D And for the past month you're in my top 3. It's a tool I indeed use to stay uptodate on who supports me from time to time, although I find the dollar value a bit confusing as they're hard to compare because STEEM-USD prices fluctuate, would be lovely to be able to see how a quarter of your Steem Power came from one person instead :')

13.07.2019 20:49

Im lucky to call my top supporters my friends too... :)


13.07.2019 21:04

Wow thats a great site! Steemit is really growing with many nice related apps and website, what makes it a better community. It is nice to look at the friends list and remember the old day :D

13.07.2019 21:22

cool. this statistics is quite useful

14.07.2019 03:26
1 is one of my best friends on Steemit along with Gina, both who are free and provides tonnes of useful information.

At one stage @magicmonk said he would have to stop running because of the monthly sql fee. Not sure what happened in the end and how he resolved the issue. Anyway, its great to see it's still around. So perhaps a shout out on his behalf to give him a bit of support to ensure he keeps the site running. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

14.07.2019 04:18

I don't even need to check to pretty much know its probably you.

It is, well, ocdb is top... but that's basically just you as well :P

You're number 2!

Thank you. You were my third ever follower, I think!

14.07.2019 06:34

A bot is next so I stopped at 5 :D

You are 8th on my list, thank you!

14.07.2019 07:29

Well, I am glad to find my top supporters

My top supporter in the last three years are:




15.07.2019 17:55