OCD's stance on cross-posting and news about empowering niche communities

Hey everyone!

Wow, what a week, eh? Many have been asking me why I haven't been posting much lately and wondering if it's due to the tron/witness things or the retaliatory downvotes. It's mainly been my witness duties taking a lot of time and curation taking the rest, I don't want to discuss the witness stuff much in this post though as it's being talked a lot already on chain, discord dms and slacks. My DM is always open if you have questions about it or want to discuss it, I just want to mention how proud I am of the witnesses doing the right thing and everyone who's understood this difficult decision they had to make for the security of Steem.

I am really glad about the new feature implemented by [Steempeak]() that allows you to cross-post as it has allowed me to share some great posts from users on the chain into the right communities and with that using the autovotes on my account instead of them going to waste (if there are autovoters that rely on me to not keep their vp at 100%). With every new feature comes a big spectrum of usage and misuse so let's dive into what we at OCD think about cross-posting and how we will proceed to allow it's usage onto our community.

Before we get to that I just wanted to share a screenshot from 3 weeks ago of our community stats at the time and how much it has grown since:



Over 900 new subscribers since 3 weeks ago and over double the amount since communities were rolled out, amazing, thanks to everyone being part of it and sharing your content through us!


To keep it simple, we will only accept cross-posts from users who share the works of others into our community. Yes we know this can be abused with alt accounts, etc, but as curators who are active here daily and have been so for a very long time let's just say we know and witness a lot about the userbase. We also check each cross-post to see how much the original has earned, if one of our votes has already landed on it, if the author is "abusing" his autovotes to cross-post everywhere or has friends doing it for him. We will be very selective with curating cross-posts and after warning users a set amount of times we will have to mute them which will result in no curation/visibility on our community.

Cross-posting older posts is still a bit of a gray area but there too we will check what the past rewards were and that none of our accounts already rewarded the post. We'd prefer this to be used mainly for relevant/timeless posts and mainly if they were really missed out from curation.


  • don't self cross-post
  • don't spam/abuse your autovotes
  • don't "vote-trade" cross-post (similar rules to general vote-trading apply if you are mainly only cross-posting the same authors constantly - if you do this a lot you run the risk of being mistaken for an alt account of the author you often cross-post )
  • be rational

If you think you have been muted unfairly from our community, you can always join our Discord server and let us know why you think that is the case.

Empowering niche communities

From Monday forward we will be doing a big change to our compilation posts. As you know we have been nominating and curating posts from outside of our community in there and we will keep doing that, but now with a change of structure. The compilation post will now instead be split up in different communities and consist of nominated posts from each of them brought to us by their curators and admins. This will give the posts some extra rewards and visibility with the compilation posts being pinned daily at the top of our community.

Communities supported and collaborating with so far; Travelfeed & Steemitworldmap, OnChainArt, AlienArt and Lightpainters United
Other than that we are also actively curating the Steem Gaming Community and SteemDevs

If you are the owner of a niche community and could use a kickstart of curation, please get in touch with us through our Discord and we will discuss things further to assist you in growing it if we feel it is an important and unique one. Thanks!

Thanks for reading, feel free to let us know about our stance on cross-posting and if you think there's something we've left out. We are open to changes and the current rules may change over time.

We will be sending out a one-time memo to every content creator who used to be in our old whitelist / someone @ocdb follows to let them know about our community and the focused curation going on here now instead. We hope you don't mind the memo as it's something we usually find frowned upon and don't do but we still see so many content creators using the #ocd, #ocd-resteem and #oc (this one may not be related to us of course) tags instead of posting through our community.

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This is a restrained policy compared to others. It stops the worst circlejerking and should at least help to get abusers out of the woodworks.

I'm only double-dipping cross-posting into my obscure communities using alts I made. I won't upvote these myself and I hope they don't get large upvotes.

I wish steem just allowed one to resteem into different communities. Hopefully this crpss-posting is a temporary measure. Also, I wish enablers like steempeak would have them created with rewards declined or set 100% to null.

The accounts this feature mostly appeals to are the same people who thought 10 tags wasn't enough and 20 tags of actifit were just okay.

27.02.2020 05:39

Can you imagine what communities would look like, say with 20k subscribers and anyone allowed to resteem their stuff onto it, though? Cross-posting is a bit more serious than just a resteem as it can affect your reputation and other consequences if abused. It's all still experimental and fresh out of the oven of course, we're trying to make the best use for it to also empower users to become good curators that crosspost onto the right communities. I'm surprised no one has created a bot that notifies the original creator if posts have been cross-posted but I'm assuming Steempeak will add that as a feature at some point similar to how they let you know when someone resteems your post above the post.

Anyway, the no self cross-posting will mitigate a lot of abuse we think, let's see how others use this tool and if the pros outweigh the cons. Early usage of new features/possibilities most often is negative in this technology.

27.02.2020 05:55

Just when I was thinking of cross-posting into OCD a guide I made a long time ago for the new users ;)

Are these rules for curation only or are they also for moderation? Because I don't mind if I don't get curated as long as I get to share my guide.

27.02.2020 06:06

If the guide is still relevant then why not, but maybe ask someone else to cross-post it for you instead. :)

Good question though, I think for curation mainly but if it gets spammy we might have to use the mute future.

27.02.2020 06:33

BTW, I have a semi-urgent request.

I don't know if you've noticed, but the third post on the front page is by an anti-vaxxer promoting that idea. I made a comment where I copied and pasted a bunch of data I curated that partially contradicts that narrative.

I think it's dangerous to leave the data on its own, unchallenged, so if you could check out my comment, and if you agree with what I've said, I would appreciate if you voted around 0.1 STU to take it to the top, above the other anti-vaxxers in their echo-chamber.

I would do it myself but my vote is worth only half of what's necessary.

27.02.2020 06:51

Lol. 💉=☠

27.02.2020 07:14

I shared it further, maybe someone with the time can read it through properly and curate. :)

27.02.2020 07:15

I actually just got a biggish curation vote from a likeminded person, so I don't think this will be necessary unless a little whale passes by and upvotes some more antivaxx in the comments section.

Thanks, though! Let's hope my comments help people find proper education instead of relying on myths and populism!

27.02.2020 08:13

There would be a lot of resteeming. Perhaps it could be set to subject to mod approval if necessary based on posts or accounts. It could also be limited the same as cross-posting. You are right though as it does seem more serious and would require more community effort.

One can search for beneficiaries, but not on Steempeak. I bet that will change in their next update. If I find losers are re-posting my stuff I'll downvote it.

27.02.2020 07:02

Sounds a bit harsh. xD

27.02.2020 07:28

You will then have no choice but love my new spam bot that cross-posts acidyo posts with a delightful message =)

The account acidyocrosspost appears to be free.

27.02.2020 07:47

I think ginabot notifies you. Also, of I'm remembering right steampeak does tell you when someone cross posts your post in their notification, or activity, section... I can't remember off the top of my head what it's called.

I could be wrong about steempeak though, it was 5 days ago when I last cross posted content and my memory is crap 😂

27.02.2020 09:03

Oh and about the @null and @steem.dao option, I agree. Some times visibility is worth more than the rewards and if some crossposters feel the original post already earned a good amount but sharing it to the right community is important having the option to set the 90% or even the 5% they get to steem.dao or null would be important, or be able to adjust how much of the rewards go there.

27.02.2020 05:57

Maybe the crosspost feature can be enhanced. It would be easy to make a similar feature but setting beneficiaries to @null and/or @steem.dao

27.02.2020 06:08

I like visibility, but I would prefer a link to my post and a short summary. Taking away 10% (5community 5 crossposter) without any consent for clicking a button feels wrong.

However, I guess there is so much crap being posted, finding a post and clicking cross-post would easily be 10% of the work that goes into a typical post for a lot of posters (won't name them, but I'm sure you have an idea) especially if they gasp add an entire sentence.

27.02.2020 11:42

Hopefully this crpss-posting is a temporary measure.

Remember that posts lose votability after 7 days. So unless that changes, resteeming into communities would lose authors the renewed votability of their old posts.

The alternative is to lengthen the votability to infinity and allow various payout cycles. But I'm not very sure if this is even viable.

27.02.2020 06:05

You can also just copy and paste and post again. Cross-posting legitimizes double-dipping. It would be best to actually improve the post to get more rewards during the double-dip.

Alternatively if you read an old post and like it, you can upvote a more recent post or the authors reply to a comment on the post. Actually, the possiblities are endless and better than spamming cross-posts everywhere.

27.02.2020 06:51

Yeah. I'm aware of all of this, but it's very problematic :( The community is original-content-centred and this disincentivises most kinds of reposts and shares that are not inline links (like this), explicit links, resteems or reblog.

Copying and pasting is basically like summoning the devil. I think it's due to the difference between the people in this community and the people on Reddit and similar places. The demographics are simply very different. I think the average age on Steem is much, much higher than on Reddit, by at least a decade and a half. This creates a more traditional-media conception of social media that creates a very unfamiliar world for us Internet-raised younglings.

27.02.2020 07:01


27.02.2020 09:32

Fully agree with that:

I wish steem just allowed one to resteem into different communities. Hopefully this crpss-posting is a temporary measure. Also, I wish enablers like steempeak would have them created with rewards declined or set 100% to null.

and that:

You can also just copy and paste and post again. Cross-posting legitimizes double-dipping. It would be best to actually improve the post to get more rewards during the double-dip.

As much as I really like all the @Steempeak features and they are really doing a great job there, this one screams vote farming and spam.
What difference it makes if I go and copy my post from yesterday and post it again today in different community (besides that I will be reported and downvoted for it), or use @Steempeak to do it for me?

My suggestions would be to deny all the rewards (as mentioned above) on cross-posts and leave link to original post if someone likes it, they can vote on that.
Maybe limit the cross-post to few, or just one per week. That would make the cross-posting very selective.
Or if its possible to actually cross-post the original post to a new community without creating another post with the same content.

I see on my feed the same posts multiple times sometimes. All with upvotes....

27.02.2020 10:44

Yup. This is bid-bots 2.0 - content recycling via cross-posting.
How do you think outsiders are going to view this? As a positive development? Or more BS like self-voting, vote trading and vote-buying/selling.

Hey, guess what? Steem didn't think that was enough so now they enable a feature to copy and paste another's post and get rewarded with a 5~10% cut depending if the person who does it owns the community or not...the best part, no consent required.

27.02.2020 11:50

To the outsider that have never been or seen Steem before it might seem normal. That's how the place works, so be it.
But considering that for the past years copy-pasta was punished, recycling own posts and posting them again was punished as well, I just don't understand how cross-posting in current form is allowed. It allows you to use the same content and monetize it again. Even if I would not be allowed to cross-post mine, I can monetize someone else content for the second or third time. And even earn on it!

Wild thought...
Imagine 10-15 people creating few communities, posting once a day and crossing all each other posts on daily basis. I know this might be easy to spot and downvoted, but just imagine :D

Steem or Steempeak? I though on Steempeak has the button. That's why posts do show normally there and on Steemit and Busy feed it looks like link spam.

27.02.2020 12:07

Steempeak has it.

I just think they are making quite the statement by enabling it after so long. I am actually tempted to remove my support from their proposal, but I will give them a few weeks to see how it goes.

About your community thought, I could totally see a crosspost circle vote community starting up. They would be able to get away with less effort on their low effort posts. Hopefully tools are made to detect this so others can react.

27.02.2020 13:22

hasn't been used that way as of yet and we believe for many reasons it will be avoided by smart farmers because it's too high profile and too easy to find them. They have too many other methods to hide their farming. But if you see cases bring them to the attention to people

What people will do first is post their full post to multiple communities... they'll do that way before using cross-posting.

27.02.2020 16:06

What people will do first is post their full post to multiple communities...

How is that possible? As far as I know we are only allowed to use one community tag as the first tag.

That would actually solve the problem of publishing the same content (cross-posting) multiple times.

27.02.2020 17:53

Just copy paste the whole post and post it again to a new community. Cross-posts are more visual than that other method.

29.02.2020 18:20

You are suggesting to post the same content multiple times? :)

If I remember correctly up until now all the copy pasted posts (copies of older posts, or posted few times) were considered abuse and reported. Those accounts were then downvoted and put in blacklists for spam/reward abuse.

29.02.2020 19:13

And yet we haven't seen vote farming abuse... people can see them all here #cross-post. We would be happy to see any statistical analysis.

29.02.2020 18:19

hasn't been used that way as of yet and we believe for many reasons it will be avoided by smart farmers because it's too high profile and too easy to find them. They have too many other methods to hide their farming. But if you see cases bring them to the attention to people

What people will do first is post their full post to multiple communities... they'll do that way before using cross-posting.

27.02.2020 16:08

I also haven't noticed much abuse yet. I guess people know better as you thought they would.

29.02.2020 04:54

The accounts this feature mostly appeals to are the same people who thought 10 tags wasn't enough and 20 tags of actifit were just okay.

I think 30 tags. One for each witness vote.


27.02.2020 19:49

I initially misunderstood the crossposting feature - more of sharing my posts across various communities for a wider each - only now to realize it's about sharing those posts you so believes 'demands' a better exposure and reward. Lesson learnt thou... time will tell.


If you think you have been muted unfairly from our community, you can always join our Discord server and let us know why you think that is the case.

Not sure if I have been because in a couple pf past weeks I was a bit engaged with this new community but wasn't featured in the curation list (no curated), is the re a better way to check the above apart from moving onto Dms discord?

27.02.2020 05:40

Hmm, many accounts don't get curated even if they post in the community, and they're not muted. I'd say there's a high chance you're just not getting curated. But joining the Discord is always the best way to check, I guess :P

27.02.2020 06:09

You must be right, I'll def check myself in to the server. THanks.

27.02.2020 06:23

flagged for cross-posting abuse and double-standarts

27.02.2020 06:01

The art of standing is truly phenomenal.

27.02.2020 06:06

Hmmm how has he abused it or had any double standards?

27.02.2020 06:10

https://goldvoice.club/steem/@kingscrown/steempeak-new-function-watch-out-and-communities ive explained here why its wrong to use in on main acc + when i wasnt aware of it he flagged me. hes 100% aware how it works.

27.02.2020 06:31

Like I mentioned I posted the previous post in the wrong community so I couldn't pin it to the OCD community, hence the repost and will be burning the rewards of the previous one. Not surprised you're being petty, though.

27.02.2020 06:48

He's just butthurt he gets downvoted. Recent downvotes were on 3speak videos of a "6 sec ad" and an old bitcoin chart video that didn't belong to him. Then he deleted those videos and the default video by @wehmoen showed up instead which he pretended was his to accuse me of wrongfully downvoting it. It's kind of funny really.

27.02.2020 06:32

I created a new account the other day to cross-post posts into communities but i'm yet to have time to use it. Was thinking it would it would be an idea for community curators to share a cross-posting account too. And then I was pinged this: https://steempeak.com/hive-120078/@lotusshares/in-support-of-evergreen-rewards-and-clean-green-health-living

Obviously there are few autos on these accounts but at least the post will arrive in the relevant community and could quickly (or not) earn the trust of curators wanting to boost this authors shared post.

27.02.2020 06:38

I'm personally against a designated account to cross-post with, it would go against empowering cross-posts and rewarding "curators" that use them well. It would also add more weight to the legitimacy of the cross-posts if they do it on their main accounts as they wouldn't want to cross-post garbage/jeopardize their reputation.

27.02.2020 06:50

Fair enough. Probably room for both approaches and no doubt there will be scammers trying whatever they can.

27.02.2020 08:20

Its really hard to grow or get subscribers for new Communities only top Communities already in trending get new subscribers as ocd and 3speak for example

the compilation posts being pinned daily at the top of your community this may help little bit to new Communities

I just created a new community on steemit.com few days ago can you help me to grow or get some subscribers because as I mentioned earlier this is very hard for new Communities
Check following community about promoting steem #promo-steem


27.02.2020 06:41

It's a good idea for a community but it's still so inactive and not showing what exactly it will be about. When you get it some traction and the idea of it is known we'll see how we can help (if it consists of original content, etc). If it's mainly about promotion and rewarding that I'm sure there are many stakeholders willing to help but not sure how OCD can. We'll rather assist those already working on their communities than those creating one and asking for help instead of showing us they're trying but not much success yet.

27.02.2020 06:53

Another idea that came to mind, considering the popularity of "showcase Sunday" which as I've understood is reposting old "classics" (correct me if I'm wrong) could be to have a focused cross-posting day (Sunday in this case). Many subreddits do this where they have specific days for specific posts. Let me know your thoughts on that.

(Voting this up for visibility)

27.02.2020 06:44

Kind of. You are supposed to improve them. Some who write stories for instance might include all ten chapters in a single post and make some light edits.

I myself use it to expand out my main index of content which struggles with being near max character count. I than use that time as well to make updates to my main and sub-indexes.

27.02.2020 06:57

Maybe people could submit/nominate links in a post to be voted on and cross-posted as a reward? So like nominate weekend, vote weekdays, crosspost next weekend

27.02.2020 07:06

I like that idea because whilst some people do improve/edit them it has become a bit of a post my old shit for mo' money affair :0)

27.02.2020 07:50

Welcome to Steem :)

27.02.2020 10:28

He's new here.

27.02.2020 17:26

I really like that idea as I've read some really good posts over time that were not noticed; sure this could encourage some people to get active again! I hate the idea of dead posts that really are deserving of being seen and getting their just rewards!

27.02.2020 19:44

Not really a fan of the current cross posting feature in it's current state. I wish it all pulled from the same post. Instead you now have a bunch of copies with separate views, comments, and votes. Kind of odd so I tend to ignore them.

27.02.2020 07:01

Good point. The author has no oppertunity to explain themselves or prohibit their content from being used like this. If someone cross posts my stuff, without my explicit permission and I find it, I will downvote.

27.02.2020 07:04

Yeah that's why I'd want it to give more attention to the original creator. Then again if they didn't know about the community it's only a gain for them and for the community. Definitely needs some more work and features to improve it though.

27.02.2020 07:17

Thanks for clarifying this. It was quite unclear what was a reasonable use of cross posts, especially given the fact that auto-voters will double vote the post.

27.02.2020 07:21

I cross posted something last night to a writing community. It was my first time and I totally didn't realise about the auto votes (DOH) but it ended up being quite nice for the author because he got nada on his original which was nice. Definitely something I will use in future, but sparingly!

27.02.2020 07:49

I'm still trying to understand this crossposting feature. One could crosspost another author's old article in a particular community?

Does the author get more rewards if that post had already been rewarded in the past?
Would you, th crossposter, get any incentive for crossposting?

What happens if i crosspost an old post of mine?
What happens if i crosspost a new post of mine?
What are the restrictions?

27.02.2020 11:07

It took me a while to get my head round it but basically:

You can cross post an article to a community old or new

It can be an article by another author or one that you have authored

What it does is create a post under your name in that community with the articles contents displayed within. In steempeak it displays like a normal post in other front ends it looks like a link.

The beneficiaries are set to 90% original author 5% to the cross poster and 5% to the community. So the cross poster benefits slightly but the original author gets most of it.

So it is helpful to the author.

There are no real restrictions but it is posted under your (the cross posters name) so there could be repercussions if you cross post your own stuff. It could get downvoted for being spammy or reward farmy. Or if you have autovotes they may remove you for posting too much.

Also a community might mute you if you cross post too much or your own stuff.

So while there are no real restrictions the community as a whole will act if they see what looks like abuse.

That help?

27.02.2020 11:19

Thanks, man, this helped a lot.
Totally get it now. I think cross-posting is an amazing new way to curate.
If an influential curator finds an extra post he'd love to reward but is worried he's used up too much SP for the day, he could crosspost it for others like him to find. That way, he helped the original author gain recognition for his work.

Since it's going to show in the crossposter's name, it would help if there was a tag to let people know he's crossposting.

27.02.2020 12:45

I've just started a new community and I'm trying to come to grips with the cross-posting thing. It's a landscape photography community and I've tried to kick it off with some good content to begin with so as to attract subscribers. I've cross-posted a couple of good posts from some better photographers, some being current posts and one old post (rewarded in the past). It feels a bit weird doing this, and particularly weird given I make 10% on those cross-posts. My intention certainly isn't to make money, but to just get things going initially. Although, I do like the idea of "curating" good content by cross-posting it into the community. Could be a great way to give exposure to some new or under-appreciated content producers.

27.02.2020 07:54

@acidyo, @bitcoinskeptic and @abh12345 this cross posting and communities thing remains as clear as mud, especially if one uses @steempress. I have subscribed to a couple of communities, but for now, I'm continuing to lurk along the edges.

27.02.2020 07:55

Hi @acidyo

I agree with pretty much everything you're saying about cross posting. I'm not really the biggest fan myself to be honest, but that is just because I'm a daily writer on steem and I don't really want to post more than once a day because those autovotes I do get may be removed if the steemians who've set them see more than one vote going out a day.

In regards to OCD niche community support. I was wondering if you could take a look at my community 'The Ink Well'.


If you want to contact me on discord to ask me anything about the community, I'm on there as raj808, the same as steem.

Many thanks for all you do for steem with @ocd + @ocdb @acidyo

27.02.2020 08:49

Gave you a full whack upvote as well Raj to get to the top of your list as I know you're a hard working chap and hope you get some support for this community you're setting up!

27.02.2020 20:11

Thanks nicky. I really appreciate your support.

Yeah, a lot of hard work to set this up over the last three days but I'm really happy with all the design work and the written stuff I've created to launch this community.

Much love brother!

28.02.2020 10:15

Will reply to your DM as soon as I find the time.

28.02.2020 09:41

Cheers acidyo.

I appreciate it and I know how busy you must be.

Speak on discord soon :)

28.02.2020 10:14

Honestly for newcomers like me cross posting feature might be a blessing. Many of the good posts that went unnoticed can be brought into light again and there is also 5% reward for the poster. But the feature may be abused for money by some and must be for supporting and promoting good posts only. So it may require a lot of moderation in this experimental stage.

27.02.2020 13:17

Cross-posting older posts is still a bit of a gray area but there too we will check what the past rewards were and that none of our accounts already rewarded the post.

This is something i havent thought about. Its kind of a great thing that allows old content new life.
Why wouldnt some old video or an old song from a year ago hit trending this time around.
Steem always had an issue with maintaining content relevance beyond 7 days. This could change that.

27.02.2020 13:22

Its kind of a great thing that allows old content new life.

Why not start copying all old posts and post them all over again. No effort - all the rewards.

27.02.2020 14:13

Because that would be abuse. We police ourselves.
People have millions of ways to abuse the system and every situation should be weighed independently.

27.02.2020 15:47

Copy pasting own posts is abuse, and cross-posting own posts is not?
It creates a brand new post with the very same (copied) content to earn rewards.

27.02.2020 17:50

I've always been behind when it comes to all the strategies people use to get the content out there \o\ so, with the communities implemented, I can assure I found myself totally lost; I simply didn't know where to post, as I love and respect a few of the communities.

I'm glad with this collab, amazing to see TF (a project I'm part of since the beginning) together with perhaps the second project that has helped me thus far (OCD).

27.02.2020 13:52

I'm against crossposting cause people will (and is, right now) abusing that feature. Seeing the same post in different hives over and over again with earnings in each copy of the post is milking the rewards pool, is spam. I'm seeing people posting the same thing 2, 4, 5 times... 5 posts with the same content, with earnings in every post... copy/paste in all its splendor! So the vote selling and the votes exchange and the bidbot thing were kicked last year but now having unlimited posts of the same thing is allowed? I think that's worst than bidbot abuse! I'm against any type of abuse, we need a clean and healthy place. There's gotta be another way to be able to show posts in different hives without crossposting.

27.02.2020 13:59


This post has been manually curated, resteemed
and gifted with some virtually delicious cake
from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @solominer.

@helpie is a Community Witness.

27.02.2020 14:47

There are so many things happening right now on the Steem blockchain and BOI is excited to learn! I wrote 1st part of what is steemit on my blog and I would appreciate some feedback!

Now learning about communities to create the second part.

Thank you and have a great day!

27.02.2020 15:36

I am new to steemit and don't really understand this cross posting thing. I have joined the OCD community. Can I post my articles in this community?
Sorry I am just not that bright when it comes to technical things.

27.02.2020 15:44

good to see this being discussed and a new etiquette established..
i've been testing and checking out all the changes.. a lot to take in! On the crossposting topic, my feeling at this time is that (for me at least( it is more than OK to crosspost your own post if its to put it in another community. The limit of posting to one community is an issue for me, because i think it causes all kinds of difficult choices and consequences.. namely, which community to i post to, and.. that as a result the tendency will be to post to the bigger or most active communities..

so in the spirit of diversity and decentralisation, im all up for a bit of self crossposting... especially since we can then also know its there and engage in the commenting.,..

i really do hope we see the ability to post to two or maybe three communities when we post, a bit like with tags.. I think that will remove any need to self crosspost.

27.02.2020 16:15

Cross-publishing is an excellent curing tool. But it still raises questions in some people, so it's good to try to clear some of them up.

This community issue is growing very positively and everyone is placing themselves where they feel most comfortable and supported. Ocd as always is doing a great job.

27.02.2020 16:37

What an amazing growth in just 3 weeks! Keep working hard, without doubt my favourite community so far! :)

27.02.2020 18:03

I am unclear... What is "cross-posting?" Can You define it for Me? Thanks!

27.02.2020 23:37


28.02.2020 10:52

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28.02.2020 10:52

Excellent clarification very interesting to be aware of these changes and to be able to continue growing together with those who have a little more knowledge. Thank you @manuelr for sending us this valuable information. Thank you team @acidyo that we continue to grow step by step.

28.02.2020 13:59

Interesante publicación. Saludos!

28.02.2020 18:26

Really is interesting to see the way this thing is evolving and growing.

01.03.2020 04:22

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01.03.2020 05:51


there's some content I'm working on that I'm curious to share both here and in the Cultural Revolutions community...

would it be acceptable to you if I posted here first - and then afterwards, in the other community?

I believe there are a few people who have me on autovotes, though it's seemed as though though those accounts may only give out a single vote within a 24 hour period (or something like that). Thus, post here first wouldn't technically be cross-posting - and the second post would only be for the purpose of syndication in that group, timed to avoid double auto-votes.

As admin of the CR group, I'd find that acceptable - though just wanted to check in to confirm with you on whether that'd be reasonable - or your rules regarding cross-posting are strict two-way rather than just crossposting stuff here that's already been posted elsewhere.

Please advise/clarify, thanks. 🙏

01.03.2020 21:00

One thing I donot understand is why we are not allowed to cross post own content. A post may be relevant to many communities and not being allowed to cross post on our own might affect the scope of the posts.

05.03.2020 06:38