Audi is famous all over the world for building one of the best, if not the best all wheels drive system that brought them world rally championship trophies and billions of dollars in revenues from selling cars equipped with it. It's quattro that I'm pointing at, and you probably have drove or own some vehicle rocking this spectacular AWD system, that can pull you out of almost any type of weather condition.

Well, they now have a competitor, and his name is Chilli. Yes, this blonde muddy dude that you see in the pic above has a pepper name. You probably can easily figure out where that comes from. He belongs however to a friend of mine that lives in Sweden and Chilli just had his regular walk in the park.

Not quite regular, his owner would say, as he has to take him back home by car, but at least, if you look carefully, you can see the dog smiling, but not the owner. Well, actually you can't see either of them do that because the dog is definitely not smiling, but I am 100% sure that he enjoyed his offroading session at least as much as I enjoyed my dinner.

He's a Labrador by the way, and if you have or had owned Labradors, or at least know a thing or two about dogs, you probably know about the breed, that they love swimming, they love getting into the mad, and rain, snow or even sleet is not to be avoid. They simply put themselves into drive and get into whatever nature has to offer. You have to have plenty of energy to keep the pace with such a dog.

I know him pretty well, although he's almost 2400 km away from me, because I drove together with my friend to pick him up when he was just a little scared puppy wagging his tail and crying for mommy and his brothers and sisters, and every time he gets to our hometown we meet...daily. I even took care of him for a few hours during summer and I know what I'm talking about when I say he's full of energy.

As you can see Sweden doesn't have snow, as some other Nordic countries that normally should have, but Chilli doesn't seem to complain at all. He's AWD so why would he? He can handle whatever you will throw at him.

Greta Thunberg warned us though about the climate change but we didn't listen. I would say my sarcastic tone, regarding this climate change propaganda, that this change is perfectly normal and for sure the Earth has gone through such similar changes many times in the past, but we simply weren't here to witness them. In my opinion, it's just some bullshit like Christmas, Valentine's Day and the Vatican.

It has either something commercial in it, or it's trying to manipulate the population in feeling guilty for basically nothing. Dogs like Chilli don't seem to care about it too much though. Koalas and poor kangaroos in Australia are definitely suffering from climate change, and the fires out there, but I doubt we're polluting that much to affect the climate of this sort. I'd say it's just cycles that the planet is getting through and some are more painful than others.

Anyway, hope you have/had a great Saturday and that you're healthy and happy and wish you a great weekend ahead! Oh, by the way, what dog do you have, if you own any? I don't, but my favorites are Samoyed and American bullies. Imagine a Samoyed offroading with Chilli in all that mud...

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