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MAP Rewarder: Paid Out Rewards to Delegators for 19 Aug 2019 (19.7% APR) in MAPR Tokens

This week's distributed profits are 0.378%, equivalent to 19.7% APR.

Total rewards to delegators, including bonuses, are 0.389%, or 20.3% APR.

This is an abbreviated post; I need to go out and shall post a longer article later.

However, MAPR tokens have been paid out and market prices adjusted. The numbers are below.

MAPR: The Numbers

All these numbers relate to a 7-day period (Monday to Sunday) and calculated in STEEM per SP.

Value of Steem upvotes = APR 22.6% [1]
Value of Steem rewards payouts = APR 16.9% [2]

Distributed MAPR payouts = 0.378% (APR 19.7%) [3]
Total MAPR payouts = 0.389% (APR 20.3%) [4]

MAPR BUY Price: 1.01498 STEEM
MAPR SELL Price: 1.02513 STEEM

[1] Theoretical maximum value of Steem upvotes, assuming 10 full upvotes at 100% power for 7 days, averaged over 7 days and expressed as an APR.
[2] Theoretical value of Steem upvote author rewards, assuming 25% curation rewards, 50-50 split of post payouts and SBD print rate, averaged over 7 days and expressed as an APR.
[3] MAP Rewarder distributed payout sent to delegators this week.
[4] Total payouts for the week, including bonus upvotes, free full upvote, free SBI and this week's distribution. This increases our overall payouts to about 90% of gross income.
[5] Our BUY price is the price you may sell your MAPR tokens such that their value in STEEM is the same as if this week's distribution was done by direct STEEM transfer.
[6] Our SELL price is about 1% above the BUY price.

Our MAPR distribution [3] is much higher than the average blockchain author rewards [2].

Also, the total amount MAPR has given out as distribution, prizes and upvotes, [4] is much higher than [2] and now almost as high as [1].

Profits will be paid today in the new MAPR tokens.

See you next week!

Next rewards distribution will be on Monday 26 August.

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@rycharde manages the MAP Rewarder high income program.

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