MAP Rewarder: Launch of MAPR Token - Airdrop to Delegators

Today I am pleased to launch our new MAPR token.

A small airdrop has taken place to existing MAP Rewarder delegators.

I don't apologise that the airdrop is on the small side - MAPR are real tokens with real value backed by the underlying STEEM in the MAP Rewarder fund. It does, however give delegators a chance to see how future weekly distributions will work.

For today, as the launch price of MAPR is 1 STEEM, I have set our BUY price at 0.99 STEEM and the SELL price at 1.00 STEEM.

How the Numbers Work

One of the innovations introduced by MAPR is that both delegators to @accelerator and MAPR token-holders share the weekly profits, but in different ways. Delegators receive some MAPR tokens whereas the token-holders will see our SELL price move up to match the same weekly return in percentage terms.

For this to work, delegators will receive an adjusted number of MAPR tokens so that if they choose to sell them immediately at that week's official BUY price they will get exactly the same amount of STEEM as if they had received a direct transfer.

Let me give you an example from today. The BUY price has been set at 0.99 STEEM. If you were going to receive 3.00 STEEM in the weekly transfer, you would instead receive 3.00/0.99 = 3.0303 MAPR tokens. Then, if you sold those tokens at 0.99 STEEM, you would get 3.0303*0.99 = 3.00 STEEM. You're back to the original profit distribution number!

You may, of course, buy and sell MAPR tokens at whatever price you choose, but the mechanism will be there. Please note that once the MAPR tokens allocated to the fixed price BUY have all gone then the price will float freely on the exchange.

What the token-holders will experience is a slowly increasing token price. We have been making close to 20% APR in recent weeks so that sets a benchmark moving forward. This will change come HF21 and adjustments may be made according to the final version and parameters of the hardfork.

Without the need for any kind of forced peg, MAPR may well become one of the most stable coins on the Steem Engine. Most of the funds are powered up into SP and the Asset Backed Value (ABV) will be published weekly. Our ABV in STEEM per MAPR will fluctuate but we aim to maintain it at close to the current SELL price. We have been operating for over 18 months and have produced significant profits for our delegators; I trust we can do the same for MAPR token holders.

MAP Rewarder

Disclaimer. Speculating on tokens carries both risks and rewards. Please perform your own due diligence and do not speculate with funds that you cannot afford to lose. We take no responsibilities for third party software and any technical issues that may arise and that may affect income. Most of the fund capital will be held in SP and should the fund close then all assets shall be distributed to token holders on a pro-rata basis.

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@rycharde manages the MAP Rewarder high income program.

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26.07.2019 04:59

That’s awesome, going to see what I got and where I can get more. What does holding this token give, anything? Or does this replace payout in Steem from weekly earnings?

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26.07.2019 11:16

Hi, thanks. As stated above, the token will also increase in price at the same rate as the payouts. I shall move the sell-wall up a bit each week to reflect this - then people can buy and sell below this (or buy the whole wall and let the price rise further!)

A steady rise each week to slowly compound earnings - sounds like a stablecoin! But based on steem.

26.07.2019 11:22

I say "slow" just coz some expect to make 20% in a day, but 20% APR compounded is not bad in the outside world - all hoping steem price holds up its end of the deal.

26.07.2019 11:24

Thanks for the (little) airdrop, @accelerator


3.0303*0.99 = 5.00 STEEM.

the result would be 3.00 STEEM! ;)

Cheers & !BEER

26.07.2019 21:03

Thanks, edited now. I changed all the 5s to 3s as many delegators with 100 SP got around 0.
3 MAPRs - left one out!

27.07.2019 05:23

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @accelerator, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

26.07.2019 21:03

Thank you for continuing to create well thought out and explained
investment projects :)

27.07.2019 18:24

Thanks! Glad to see some appreciate it.
Building Steem's FinTech.

28.07.2019 12:49

thank you for the airdrop !BEER please...

30.07.2019 02:10

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @accelerator, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

30.07.2019 02:10