CLEVER DeFi CEO Bryan Legend Live Today 12 Feb 4PM UTC

I just noticed this, a live presentation and Q&A with Bryan Legend, CLEVER DeFi CEO, on Youtube, today, Friday 12 February, 2021, at 16:00 UTC.

That's in about 4 hours from this post.

I only found out about the Q&A from their Telegram group at

Some more details.

CLEVER DeFi (CLVA) has been launched on

The Whitepaper is here, the Technical Paper here and the Token Audit here.

The Whitepaper is padded with graphs and calculations in a font large enough you can read it from across the road.

The fundamentals: you can earn "upto" 11% per fortnightly cycle for 888 cycles.
That's it!
Perhaps the simplest "DeFi" imaginable.
Break-even is in 10 cycles, 20 weeks, assuming the 11% interest rate.

A pseudo-Bitcoin minting rate attenuates to 1 Trillion CLVA tokens.

This CLEVER DeFi is the brainchild of Bryan Legend. Puff-piece on MarketWatch - note this is a press release and not an article, and barely in English.

So, CLEVER might be a clever game, but it's a game. Anyway, HEX has been a great success, so what do I know!

Well, if you do wish to play, here are a couple of things that are less than clear from their website. The CLVA token does not as yet appear within either MetaMask or MyEtherWallet, but you can manually add it.

You can mint CLVA by manually sending ETH to the TimedSwap contract address: 0x6481c728fb55b33b86115884f17f3b4584ea0cef
Your CLVA tokens will arrive automatically into your same wallet you sent ETH from.


Need to add CLVA as a custom token in MetaMask or TrustWallet?
Contract: 0xc52e23194476b1dd39408cb0b9d935da8e6db3d6
Token Symbol: CLVA
Decimals of Precision: 18

Notice the two different contract addresses.

Have fun!

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