Contest: Product Review | 15 Steem Prize Pool | 5% To bd-charity

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Product reviews are the opinions of customers for a particular product. A product review helps other users get a clear idea of the product before purchasing it. They can read the reviews and make their mind clear, and decide whether the product is worth purchasing or not.source

In our daily life, we purchase many products to meet our necessity and sometimes to fulfill our desire. In this contest, share review of a product that you've recently bought, it can be a shirt, cosmetics, sports equipment, mobile, charger, accessories, groceries, TV or anything.

You can include these in your post-
• From where and when did you buy the product?
• How much did it cost? (In your local currency/USD)
• A picture of the product.
• Why did you buy it? Did it fulfill your necessity/desire?
• Is there anything you don't like about the product? What improvements do you suggest?
• Do you recommend others to buy the product?

You can also add other things if you want.


  • Steemians from any country can participate.
  • The review has to contain more than 150 words.
  • No plagiarism will be tolerated.
  • You can write in your preferable language.
  • Make your post in the Steem Bangladesh community and make sure to leave the link of your entry post in the comment section of this post.
  • You have to include #productreview, #steem-bangladesh and #steemexclusive in your first 5 tags.
  • Resteem this post.
  • The contest will end after the payout of this post. (11:18 UTC 24 May, 2021)

The quality, creativity and depth of your review will have extra priority while being judged.


1st- 5 Steem
2nd- 4 Steem
3rd- 3 Steem
4th- 2 Steem
5th- 1 Steem

There will be more prizes if there are more qualityful entries.

_Thanks To All_

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I will definitely perticiapate this contest as soon as possible 😊


17.05.2021 13:04

Waiting for your entry!

17.05.2021 13:40

Nice contest. I will participate in this contest.👌

17.05.2021 13:36

Looking forward for your entry!

Steem on!

17.05.2021 13:41
18.05.2021 17:42
18.05.2021 20:17

Here's my Entry
It was fun writing about my shopping experience. :)

19.05.2021 15:52

Vai akhono ki post kora jabe?

24.05.2021 12:29

Na vai, time shesh.

24.05.2021 12:31