Poetry Game Contest: Week 7 by @abu78 : Give it some time

I am very much delighted to write my post for this week's contest. But before I commence I would like to say a very big thank you to @dorbatim for his support and

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Give it some time don’t rush it,
A step after the other; one step at a time
Life is a process, don’t try to skip a stage
Just like a story book
You would have to read every chapter and page
Life will throw different kinds of challenges into your face
But don’t retaliate
Deal with them bravely and send them back to it in a package
You may be a captured bird now but soon you will break out from your cage
Endure life’s humiliation
Soon, it shall all come to pass
Envy not, be patient and free your heart from rage
Put in the effort, keep moving and have faith
Life may be full of darkness but the sun shall rise again
For a dawn awaits every dusk
And there is a rainbow after every storm
So have faith in your Lord
Follow life gently and keep believing in yourself
Remember not to rush it
Give it some time
A step after the other; one step at a time
Life is a game in which you dare not skip a stage.


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