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Introducing a brand-new "Token Game" TULIP Mania, exclusive to the steem blockchain! Brought to you by the same developers behind ONECENT and ADDAX but bigger and better, with lots more tokens in play. This is a tokenomic strategy game exploring how markets move, supply, demand, and FOMO. TULIP will be a game of auction and trading strategies. This is a cheeky ode to a period in the Dutch Golden Age during which contract prices for some bulbs of the recently introduced and fashionable tulip reached extraordinarily high levels and then dramatically collapsed in February 1637.

I have been awarded the privilege of kicking things off with some other crypto promoters to get the game started. With that, We are giving away TULIP Tokens FOR FREE. I may not keep more than I distribute and I must give away all of the remaining. So, here is the contest! Simply comment below on why you want some TULIPs and what you plan on doing with them. The tokens will be distributed in random amounts between all the commenters. It's that simple. Then, follow my page for updates and track the progress on steem engine to trade, hold, or dump… The decision is up to you!

Here is more information from the developer on how the game structure will work :

8,000 Free TULIP Tokens
I am offering 8,000 TULIP tokens for free. However, I want to see many new players, so most tokens will be distributed by promoters.

I would like 7 people to promote the TULIP token and game. Each person shall receive 1,000 tokens. They can distribute them in whichever way they want, so long as it's to more than themselves. They can run a contest or randomly distribute them. I am not concerned about how it is done, just that the TULIP game will start with about a hundred people holding some stake in the game.

The TULIP promoter is expected to take a cut from the 1,000 tokens being offered.

The numbers have been calculated so that the free token-holders have a head start but do not completely skew the token distribution once the game starts.

The TULIP tokens have a nominal value of 1 cent, so 1,000 tokens are worth 10 STEEM at the start, but if you look at either the ONECENT or ADDAX games you will see that they can go much higher.

That's it!

When Will TULIP Start?
I have pencilled in next Thursday, 8th August, but it could be as late as Sunday the 11th August. It really depends on how quickly these 8,000 tokens find a home.

How Will the TULIP Game Work?
TULIP is an evolution from ONECENT and ADDAX. To best understand TULIP, please take a look at the posts and the Steem Engine markets for both ONECENT and ADDAX.

The rules for TULIP will be different but the general structure and strategies will be similar.

The TULIP game is scheduled to last 28 days.

Any questions about promoting the TULIP tokens, then please ask in a comment. Any questions about the game itself best wait till I publish the rules.

TULIP Mania commence!

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Hi @abrockman, you just got an upvote from MAPX. This message is looking for a few good promoters of our new game and token. Would you like 1,000 free TULIPs? Then please read this: New TULIP Mania Token Game - 8,000 Free Tokens. Also some more free TULIPs given out during the weekend. Thanks for reading!

02.08.2019 22:10

LOL, the irony of automated info-messages!

03.08.2019 04:46

LOL I was thinking the same thing

03.08.2019 19:41

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02.08.2019 22:21

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02.08.2019 22:30

That's great - and very quick off the mark!
900 TULIPs sent to you.
Hope your friends and followers enjoy the game!

03.08.2019 04:48

Thank you, this is going to be fun!

03.08.2019 19:41

I'd like to enter the game. Reason being I'm relatively new to this cryptocurrency trading and I'd like to learn more. Besides, I'm Dutch, so naturraly inclined to like TULIPs...

03.08.2019 05:28

Great, will send you some!

03.08.2019 19:42

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03.08.2019 11:48

I'm interested in playing the Tulip game, I think it will be a fun way to improve my token trading skills. Also, I enjoy tiptoeing through the tulips!

03.08.2019 18:19

Awesome, will send you some!

03.08.2019 19:42

I would love to have some Tulip tokens to play with. The reason: I like to try as many good ideas that I found on steem, they are good for the community and also fun.

04.08.2019 15:49

I'd like a few tokens, should be fun seeing how the game progresses

05.08.2019 22:08