My Illustration entry in Cybersecurity Contest (4/6)


The Last year I have been participad on an Art contest held by OpenIDEO and the Hewlett Foundation, geared to make cybersecurity stock imagery both more interesting and less cliché. The main goal of this contest was created work exploring cybersecurity challenges such as phishing, encryption, the importance of multi-party cyber alliances and digital privacy.

I feel really honorable to have been selected as a part of a short list of 23 semi-finalists. It have been a real challenge to understand cyber security concepts and tried to express easily to anyone. I would like to show to all of you which have been these illustrations and the concepts that I want to express.

I decided to use the comic (black and white) as a way to express this concept topic, and use the humor as a way to entertain and at the same time educate people. This quarter entry (4/6) explain a basic idea:

The Internet of things (IoT) has given tech companies, advertisers, data brokers and others in the surveillance economy the ability to track not just the actions we take on our screens but the actions we take in our homes, including what we say and what we do. This information on many occasions has been used to offer you online the products that you consume most or that most interest you, without a doubt a violation of our privacy.

But not only our smartphones, today we are imbued with a number of technical objects, microphones, video cameras, sensors, which have fundamental information about our personal lives. An example is the scandal of the Amazon device "Alexa". Jeff Bezos' company employs thousands of people who listen to sound recordings with the orders that users give to Alexa, the virtual assistant that their Echo speakers carry. But, Amazon has also confirmed that these voice command recordings are saved indefinitely and by default when you use Alexa, although users can opt to delete these recordings. Don't you think this is scary?

Surveillance in our technological context is a fact. However, we cannot do without our electronic devices. Undoubtedly, the wise use of them as well as prudence is an immediate but not definitive solution.

In my next post on steemit I and going to show my fifth entry of the contest.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This means that those materials can be shared, repurposed and used for free, provided you include the correct attribution.

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