Steem account holders have transferred over $300,000 to one Venezuelan exchange since it opened at the beginning of 2018

Orinoco, an exchange in which STEEM and Steem Backed Dollars can be traded for Bitcoin and The Venezuelan Bolívar (VEF), has received over 65,000 transactions in STEEM or SBD from over 3300 unique Steem accounts during this time.



USD Steemy.png

The USD value of STEEM and SBD used in the calculations were the closing prices each day as displayed on

Steem is a social blockchain that grows communities and makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content.

Learn more and create your Steem account here:

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That is amazing and shows how valuable Steem can be to those that live where a couple of dollars a day can make a big difference!

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27.08.2019 23:42

Right! It's an impressive sum earned through creating content, and also playing games like Splinterlands.

27.08.2019 23:44

It's a bit disappointing how little you hear what Steem does for countries like Venezuela and the people there, meanwhile a $10k donation by Coinbase gets all the hype who are a multi-billion dollar company while Steems marketcap is around $60 million.

It's all about marketing sadly.

27.08.2019 23:44

It seems that marketing is a big factor - we can help :D

27.08.2019 23:45

And this is why spreading steem awareness plays a great role.😊

27.08.2019 23:54

Certainly, even we ourselves sometimes don't speak enough. explain how steem has helped us to get ahead with our daily expenses.

28.08.2019 00:20

Unfortunately, I'm one of those Venezuelans who swell that list.

Every steem I sell is out of necessity. I try to solve with my other entries but here is not enough most of the time.

27.08.2019 23:46

When I was looking at the numbers, i saw that in total the SBD an STEEM are almost Identical - it seems that almost all tokens earned are sent out, out of necessity.

It's not a good situation, but positive to see that Steem is providing some income to help.

27.08.2019 23:54

That's right, buddy. You can be sure that most of the steem we sell is to buy food.

But we're fine!

We just can't collaborate as we would like with the platform and offer our talent.

28.08.2019 00:02

I have curated a lot of people from venezuela in the past and still do and support them in other ways, sometimes randomly donate, etc. One thing that kind of breaks my heart is when I see some accounts only post 1 post per day, attempt to get it as much votes as possible through spamming discords, dms, etc and then they go afk. Not to sound harsh but that doesn't really help Steem, no activity, no spreading the word about it just that one post and then gone. Like where do they go? In many cases they would earn way more by being active, commenting, building relationships, etc, like you for instance. I see you in many posts on the chain and it's awesome and I try to acknowledge your comments with a comment or vote when I read them.

It's sad that some either lazier or unappreciative users tend to just try and take out as much as possible without giving anything of value back. They've just managed to find the ways of how to get some votes on their posts and that's it for them. It's also sad that these users give a bad reputation to the rest - but that happens everywhere in the world, it is just more loud from the places it is the most desperate from right now as there are so many trying to take "shortcuts" by "asking for loans" or spamming links in people's DMs etc and instead end up damaging legitimate users or take the upvotes of those that deserve it instead who try hard but don't rely on cheap tricks.

Anyway, just my thoughts after having observed things on Steem for 3+ years now, I wish they would try and help out around here and realize that if they do it will help them back even more.

28.08.2019 06:28

I still remember those days, many Venezuelans were happy, today the greatest weight of vote goes to the @cervantes community, it is the only one that votes in large numbers for Venezuelans and I think they have done the best job to support quality.

It's true, many people take advantage of this situation and go to private messages, or just publish and leave, I've seen it. I think I've mentioned several times that since I've been in steemit I've been working in steemit, before it was 12 hours, now it was almost 18 hours a day from Monday to Monday, and I can tell you that I LOVE, interact and feel useful knowing that this way I can also contribute is great.

I have been able to meet people who have helped me to grow, and that same growth I have been able to invest in tokens, by the way, I have reached my first 1000 sp, I'm still excited, for a Venezuelan who is almost impossible to invest properly is very good.

If at any time your excellent project @ocd has a plan for curation in Spanish, look for me I'm on order with no interest to continue being useful (I've waited a long time for that with anxiety), at times I continue to invest part of my profits in tokens, is the only short-term way I can give a good vote and support my people monetarily.

Thank you very much for all the support you give us.

28.08.2019 08:44

No immediate plans of bringing back language curation right now as we are attempting to onboard content creators with half of our focus moving forward (more news on that soon), but I am hoping that with a higher Steem price it will leave us with more "voting power" to spread among more people and thus bring back the most active languages that could use the curation.

28.08.2019 08:50

Also congratulations on 1k! I'm hoping for you and many others that have grinded it out for a long time that you will never have to sell the SP and with an increase in price can instead make a living off of the rewards or returns. Let's see what the future brings, we have a good shot considering what Libra are planning.

28.08.2019 08:52

Excuse me for getting into your conversation @roadstories and @acidyo.

But I consider that to a great extent that is our big mistake (Venezuelan community, Latino). We're focused on getting the trails to vote for us and we think that's all the work.

Without knowing that, we must leave our blog to interact, to give opinions, to make constructive criticisms, to support other users (our steem brothers).

We are a social network, so we must interact with each other. We are happy to vote for a trail of 500 people and we have 0 comments.

28.08.2019 11:57

The problem is that they come for the wrong reasons, try to hunt the rewards and that's it.

So did I. But I dared to look further, also for the help of a user who guided me to better understand what it means to be in the blockchain.

That we are part of an ecosystem, we must contribute with our work and effort so that the rewards can arrive in a constant way.

I still ignore many things, but reading authors like your @acidyo, @abh12345 I'm learning little by little. And every day I try to make an effort to leave something positive to Steem.

28.08.2019 11:43

I think the problem here is that the two different mindsets are just not matched up. The people that hate the content clutter and all that don't need to make money from posts, its like a social thing, an investment or an ideology. Spam harshes your mellow, I get it.

But when these people that come to Steem to support themselves make content, they have a time crunch. They need that post to put food on the table, which causes people to try additional tactics to catch some eyes if possible. Its very understandable, and frankly, I'm glad Steem is useful.

28.08.2019 23:17

They don't spam on the chain though, that's the thing, if they would be active here and build relationships and their account up they would do much better than bugging people on discords and direct messages. I understand the need for that too but many get stuck on that part while many others never do it and don't make the rewards.

29.08.2019 03:48

That's right, it's a question of mentalities.
But it is also a little exaggerated with time.
Where is it reversed? the answer is in the following comment!

29.08.2019 08:36

@acidyo Hi, it's nice to meet you! I am Victoria, Venezuelan and I live in Venezuela, it hurts me to refer to us as "some lazy or of little interest in the Steemit chain", in Venezuela the economic crisis has marked a before and after, I need to say without entering specific points or reasoning, that we Venezuelans, our children and the children of our children were accustomed to living well and comfortably without making much effort that was no more than a comfortable office job with a schedule from 8 am to 5 pm and with that I reiterate we lived well! Most of us Venezuelans are not lazy, we are used to having more with little effort because the nation's economic system allowed it, now things have changed and we are suffering a lot, because our efforts in a daily life work are a office or any other job is worthless, it does not reward anything the effort we put in and Steemit happens exactly the same thing I have here 3 months and I tried hard to publish, comment, vote, meet people, interact in the Discord in some servers and in my last publication I only won $ 1.07 and for me it was a success my first pain in Steemit after so much effort, without taking into account that I have to deal daily with the problems of internet connection, electric light among others things that prevent me from enjoying my stay in Steemit, so these things make me not an active user as I would like. Venezuelans face us every day to many things that make us the hard way and fighting in Steemit sometimes seems not worth the effort. I take this opportunity to thank all the friends and acquaintances who have given me their support during these short 3 months here at Steemit. I am Venezuelan and I live in Venezuela. Thank you.

29.08.2019 14:46

It's sad that some either lazier or unappreciative users


but that happens everywhere in the world

I wasn't trying to generalize everyone nor direct it at only Venezuelans so don't be hurt by my words cause they were not meant to do that.

If you have bad internet connection, then work on a post that you can publish once it's back. If you have no electricity then write it on a piece of paper and take a photo of it and post it after. You say you make nothing at your jobs anymore but at the same time that you "only" earned $1 on your latest post, that seems a bit contradicting to me.

Anyway, don't want to get into this again and I understand if the citizens are used to having had it well before and suddenly everything changes and they have a hard time to adapt. There are many people all over the world though, many suffering and in similar situations, not everyone blames it on their country or economy all the time when asking for assistance and expecting help for it. They work for it instead and see where they can make themselves useful.

29.08.2019 15:45

I see it as a good thing.... I firmly believe that the Steem Blockchain can change lives and the World for the better.... and if that means that you have to spend some Steem for daily needs, then that is a good thing. I do understand that if economically, Venezuela was in a better place, you might not need to spend your Steem or Bitcoin, and I do hope that things get better in your country.
Take care and Full Steem Ahead!

27.08.2019 23:55

Thank you for those supportive words.

I've been relatively new to the platform, but I've worked hard to understand what it means to work for steem.

Every day I do my best!

28.08.2019 00:11

You are welcome @yonnathang Glad to have you onboard, and yes there is a lot to learn and a lot going on here. There are so many projects in cryptocurrency and even just within the Steem Blockchain that it is impossible to keep up with it all.
Anyhow, if you have any questions or concerns, or need help with something here let me know. I do follow and support a few people from Venezuela, and I would really like to find a way to get more Venezolanos to support each other here on Steem.
Not sure how the new change here on Steem (Hard Fork 21) with affect things, but there is a great project that I recently found out about called Steem Basic Income (SBI). This is a great project for helping others while also helping yourself. Just an idea to check out if you haven't heard of it.
Anyhow, take care.

28.08.2019 00:39

I do follow and support a few people from Venezuela, and I would really like to find a way to get more Venezolanos to support each other here on Steem.
Not sure how the new change here on Steem (Hard Fork 21) with affect things

Thanks for your support to my countrymen Asher. :)

As for the last paragraph in the quote, are you willing to take a glimpse?

28.08.2019 04:34

Here is to hoping the circle jerk either includes the rest of us or jerks itself out of existence.

28.08.2019 06:26

True @streetstyle. Every day I am surprised with the amount of projects, the innovative ideas of all of us who make life in the blockchain. That encourages me to keep looking, keep learning from everyone.

You know, now I have a project. Every week I make a dynamic, where I ask one or several questions to answer right there in the publication. I give some rewards for participating, 1 sbi thanks to @ecoinstant, 100 INT thanks to @crystalhuman and 50% of the sbd collected by the post.

It would be interesting for me to be able to vote with some power the comments of the participants, only today I have approximately 116 sp. That would be a way to help!

sbi is a great project, I have 21 haha units! I promise that when I go to invest I will sponsor it.

A pleasure!

28.08.2019 12:23

Isn't that the purpose of Steemit? It helps Venezuelans fill the gap and being you can start an account for nothing it's a wise choice. We all hope that at some point to make enough to help ease financial struggles. If this were from 100 accounts to me it would look suspicious. 3300 not at all, it shows a community in need.

28.08.2019 04:05

The number of accounts will continue to grow.

What worries me is that there is very little information on arrival at the platform. Those who have more time do not collaborate for a good understanding of what the blockchain means.

I have understood something, because I dare to review the content in English. But if it were for the content in Spanish I would be without understanding many things.

28.08.2019 04:20

@yonnathang ni modo asi estamo aqui xD

30.08.2019 19:34

You got a 46.75% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @abh12345! :)

@ocdb is a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians, current min bid is 2 SBD and max bid is 12 SBD and the equivalent amount in STEEM.
Check our website for the whitelist, queue and delegation info. Join our Discord channel for more information.

If you like what @ocd does, consider voting for ocd-witness through SteemConnect or on the Steemit Witnesses page. :)

27.08.2019 23:51

Pretty cool post. I have known of Orinoco from some of the Venezuelan Steemians, and now that you did a little background search into them, maybe more of them will learn of Orinoco too. Take care @abh12345

27.08.2019 23:57

Thank you @streetstyle. As you stated above, Steem is doing it's bit for this financially troubled part of the world and I think we should broadcast the positive. Cheers!

28.08.2019 00:07

Do not imagine that you would take the time to mention this situation. I explain from the perspective of a Venezuelan who thanks God that Steemit exists.

The average monthly salary of a Venezuelan is approximately 70,000 bolivars, although the minimum wage is 40,000 is a large number, right? but that equals about $ 3.5 per month "for this hour."

A rich country with significant social inequality, according to a study conducted in November 2018, 48% of Venezuelan households are poor, and since that time things have not improved economically.

so you have an idea, a dozen eggs cost approximately 30,000 approximately, which is approximately $ 1.5 today

but as I mentioned, an average monthly salary is equivalent to 70,000 bs.

I know that maybe for some to change Steem or Sbd to Fiat is something that is not suitable for the platform, but if it's about changing to survive, I think it's valid.

The effort made by a Venezuelan to publish is Titanic, the internet signal is not very good in many places and lately there have been failures of the national electrical system.

This system has succeeded in ending the social middle class and the poor are poorer.

I have never made a publication about my economic situation, I prefer to publish about things that make me forget what is seen day by day in the street, I think I depend on God, who is the one who provides me, it is only about moving forward with God , that is what we call faith.

I am struggling to advance my family, continue working, praying to God.

note: when I mention that "for this hour" is that last Friday $ 1 cost 16,500 bs and today costs approximately 20,500bs.

28.08.2019 00:41

The ex-president of my country once said something pretty sound: "If you don't like France, leave it".

Why don't you leave Venezuela?

28.08.2019 01:42

jajajajajaja as if it were easy to emigrate, when you have a family (a wife and two girls of 9 years and 3 years) when you have your own home, to live in another country in a rented house and added to xenophobia, it is not easy.

I have faith that Venezuela will be a big country and we must continue fighting to get out of this system of government, with the help of God.

28.08.2019 02:19

I hope that people will succeed in taking down the old regime.

28.08.2019 04:40

They cannot get passports in the vast majority of cases, @heimindanger. Cost is one reason and the rules of the country are some of the others. This is why some people walk out if they can and then become refugees somewhere.

28.08.2019 02:48

Do you have any idea how much money it takes to get out of my country? If you don't know, don't ask that, it's a very big cost, which people don't have in their majority.

28.08.2019 08:47

So sorry to hear about your troubles and that of your countrymen. I was following the situation there for a while and I can tell by your post here that it's only continued down the same awful path. Hopefully the people of Venezuela will soon get real relief in the form of economic freedom. It's no skin off my behind if a person in need like yourself pulls money out of this online economy and benefits from it. In fact I, and I think most of us here on Steem, feel the same way. Steem on brother.

28.08.2019 03:39

Totally agree.

28.08.2019 14:54

Thank you for your comment @theonlyway

I do not envy your situation and I'm glad that Steem is helping in some way.

Your creativecoin post was really nice, I will be voting more of your work there :)

28.08.2019 14:57

buen proyecto donde nos beneficia a nosotros los venezolanos. saludos

28.08.2019 00:54

Gracias :)

28.08.2019 14:47

I must say Steem will be very useful or even crypto currencies for that matter, to all third world countries or developing countries.

28.08.2019 01:20

Yep. A Venezuelan has commented that they like the fast/free transactions - hopefully the message spreads.

28.08.2019 14:53

Good, friend. I often use Orinoco when I need to sell Steem or SBD for basic needs. Steem is very fast for transaction and that's something I like very much.

28.08.2019 02:16

I'm glad Steem is supporting you in these trying times.

28.08.2019 14:47

Good to know. It's a high volume exchange for STEEM I never knew about.

28.08.2019 04:01

It is doing OK :)

28.08.2019 14:46

This is interesting @abh12345. I see this as something good. You're saying unique accounts, so to me that is 3300 families in Venezuela not starving.

28.08.2019 04:07

Thanks, yeah, I do too. People have mentioned the lack of investment but we can't really expect much of that given the situation there.

28.08.2019 14:51

Steemit covers most of my daily needs from university to home, and I'm excited that it exists and that people who have power support my content, make this economy a little better in this Venezuela with ties, good research friend ...

28.08.2019 04:54

That's pretty cool isn't it. And imagine if you and grow your stake and the market turns? :)

28.08.2019 14:46

What percentage of the country's GDP in USD is that?

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28.08.2019 04:56

Very small looking at the 2018 GDP, but at least it's something (I cant work out the number of 0's after the decimal point)

28.08.2019 14:55

I hope people from Venezuela understand that if they cash out ALL of their Steem earnings, they will never bootstrap themselves out of poverty. Long term thinking is a must even though it is extremely painful in the short term.

28.08.2019 06:58

Yeah, i'm sure the goal is to keep some here to grow, but I can't imagine how difficult things are over there right now.

28.08.2019 14:54

Great to know what steem is doing for the people of Venezuela in this hard economic times

28.08.2019 10:40

Yeah it's good to present the positive in this situation I think.

28.08.2019 14:45


28.08.2019 20:28

That's massive and mind boggling stats

28.08.2019 12:39

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28.08.2019 12:55

Yes. The trending tag has been #spanish but in the venezuelans would talk their own language it would have been #venezuelish. Im not sure about the numbers, but I'd say that more than 95% of the post writen in spanish are writen from venezuelans. The on-boarding on that country have been massive over the last 3 years. Users are good and add value to the chain (specially those who write high quality content) but there is also a lack of investors. And we all know what happens if people only sells and no body buys.

28.08.2019 13:39

Yeah, the lack of investment is there but there are obvious reasons for that. The sum is really only a small % of the total earnings by accounts on Steem, but it's a noticeable amount for a country going through troubled times.

28.08.2019 14:49

Well, if you see our economy right now our minimum wage is currently less than 2$ a month, I have a baby 11 months old right now and i had to have a c-section to deliver him and guess what? Steem actually help me pay for it! Steem has actually help put food in my family's table and i am so so grateful for that!

I know a lot of people from my country do spam and are shit posters but i know a lot that are such good content creators and give value to the blockchain. that is why i dedicated part of my job in the blockchain to teach those people to do better.

i'm currently powering up all my STEEM rewards and only living off the tokens from the tribes i'm in, my goal is to reach 500 native SP all from posting.

@orinoco is the best exchange we have so far the most reliable and fast, also it has the best exchange rates.

28.08.2019 16:34

Steem has recovered the dream of many Venezuelans who are still in the country. I think more marketing is needed to see what this platform does for a country.

We as a project help that beyond changing the steem to bolivares, is to grow as a person and so the platform grows.

Orinoco has been a great support to turn what we do into steem.

28.08.2019 16:47

Steemit es la oportunidad que tengo de ser un artista sin tildarme de un color politico y llegar mi mensaje a cualquier persona en el mundo estando en Venezuela, nunca he invertido dinero en la plataforma pero invierto mi acción, mente y espíritu, me alegra ver tantos comentarios de apoyo a Venezuela y a la gran evolución que muchos artistas y creadores han podido obtener gracías a Steemit, en pocas palabras y llevandonos por la termodinamica: Steemit permitió que el sistema no muriese y avanzara a un orden mayor, sin esta página no sé donde estaría al día de hoy.

Steemit is the opportunity I have to be an artist without calling myself a political color and getting my message to anyone in the world while in Venezuela, I have never invested money on the platform but I invest my action, mind and spirit, I'm glad to see so many comments of support for Venezuela and the great evolution that many artists and creators have been able to obtain thanks to Steemit, in a few words and taking us by thermodynamics: Steemit allowed the system not to die and advance to a greater order, without this page I don't know where I would be up to date.

28.08.2019 17:02

Facts like these needs to be on trending and on the portals of crypto news webs.

28.08.2019 19:18

Agreed - some data work for you somewhere :)

I pushed it to Twitter, it has been shared a little which is nice.

29.08.2019 13:54

hey hey @abh12345 nice to meet you again with this post.
Orinoco is a great team of young Venezuelans who believe in Venezuela and are betting on giving love to this country that needs it so much. Thank you for making public the work of this great team, I am sure that you have greater visibility and many this chain will be able to know their work.

@acidyo , as there are users who only make a publication and then leave, do not think that it is due to lack of interest, perhaps it may be that the conditions for us Venezuelans to make publications are increasingly complicated, when we only have 4 hours of electric light, we can hardly have an internet connection, however, many users remain active working, participating in activities, making talks about steem in universities, in schools, and providing time, effort, and love for this block chain

Maybe we are not the ones who invest the most money, but we have managed to stay active.

I wish you all my best wishes and good vibes. This chain is wonderful and I will continue here for many more years. :)

28.08.2019 19:40

That's unreal! Keep up the good work! :))

28.08.2019 20:31

I have a couple friends that I made here two years ago who use their Steem earnings to help feed their families. I not only upvote and send tips, but I send care packages when I can. We can't send them food, or medical supplies. Who knew that cake decorating sprinkles are considered food and that cotton balls and Qtips are considered medical supplies! But I can send personal care items like shampoo and toothpaste. Shipping costs are outrageous, but it makes me feel good to help where I can! I can't imagine trying to live on $2 a month. @denissemata posts every day and has worked hard at learning to post in English. She and her mom live alone and I know she appreciates all that Steem has done for her.

29.08.2019 01:15

Oh wow, that's really kind of you Melinda!

It's really honourable for the likes of denissemata to improve her English for a wider audience, and I'm glad that Steem has helped towards making ends meet.

29.08.2019 13:58

I do love how easy Steem makes it to help others.

29.08.2019 15:04

Me gusta mucho tu articulo, Soy Venezolana y es una realidad gracias por el aporte @abh12345.
mi blog @frandelis por si quieren visitarme encontraran un poco de mi vida y otras cosas interesantes.

29.08.2019 03:26

Gracias @franselis 😁

29.08.2019 13:59

Leo y vuelvo a leer tantos comentarios que hablan de steem como una alternativa viable para los venezolanos.
En estos momentos que la plataforma se encuentra amenazada de extinción con motivo de la falta de inversores, es momento de pensar a futuro.
Comprar steem también es una forma de revalorizar los bolívares

29.08.2019 06:23

Those are indeed impressive number @abh12345

Do you have any idea how much Steem Inc. sold within same period of time? I wonder if STINC sold more that all venezuelans alltogether....

Upvote on the way! :)


29.08.2019 13:50

I have no idea but I suspect more than $300k worth. Thanks!

29.08.2019 15:21

Didn't get your message.. It is a well known fact that Venezuelans are banking on cryptos (and Steem) to tide through their domestic challenges.. So, yes, this would be true..

Is your intention to let us know? .. In that case, thank you!

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29.08.2019 15:15

To let Twitter know :)

29.08.2019 15:19

Damn, when I read my comment, it sounds so rude.. .Apologies, buddy @abh12345!

29.08.2019 15:55

No worries. I think it's a well known fact to those close to the space, but the message that Steem is helping, spread as wide as possible is a good thing.

29.08.2019 16:27

Many see it as negative, but fortunately steemit exists, I can't save, turn on steem or participate in projects like #spud because the truth is that I work daily on steemit to cover my basic needs and those of my family. Steem is a blessing.

30.08.2019 02:48

I met steemit last year, the money for our work is not enough and we had to look for alternatives. My husband searching YouTube, some alternative, saw video about steem. He commented to me but I could not believe that there was something where you were paid to publish. My husband started working on steemit and was trying to convince me, but it seemed crazy or a lie. I told him that I would try it and it was when we created my account, in January 2018. I was testing and I liked the platform, I have never liked social networks because there is no interesting content for me, however, in steemit there is a lot of variety of content and I liked that.

...then I did not know how to change coins to bolivars, because really the situation here in Venezuela deserves it, it is impossible to live alone with the salary. Today the minimum basic salary is equal to or less, (depending on where you buy it), at what a kilogram of meat costs.

I didn't know how to change my coins and I made a post asking how I could change my coins. There a girl told me to use orinoco.

With orinoco I made my first change, and I have used it a lot, they are reliable.
Steemit has really been a blessing to our home, with steem we have paid for my oldest daughter's school, and we have bought food.

Thanks to all those steemians who support my Venezuelan people at the moment, I am sure that when Venezuela comes out of this crisis, all of us who are benefiting today and helping with steemit will be the first investors !!! because we are grateful and this great help that is steemit, we will never forget.

30.08.2019 11:20

Amazing :)

30.08.2019 17:31

Greetings @ abh12345. The @orinoco team is grateful for the time spent writing this post.

@orinoco has bet on the steem blockchain and has dedicated itself to this niche market, thus transforming the Creativity of Venezuelans into reality by converting their Steem and SBD to VES (Venezuelan Currency) in a simple, fast and safe way. We have also used these coins for Venezuelans who emigrated and send remittances to their relatives within Venezuela, giving them greater usability and promoting the coins within the Steemit community.

We currently have new services in our Website where the change from BTC to VES (Venezuelan currency) and Nectar was added, which is the internal currency of Orinoco which is backed by dollars, 1 Nectar equals 1 Dollar (1NTO = 1 $) and can be changed to VES and BTC.

We feel committed to our users, which is why we are developing to offer more services with the ease, security and speed that characterizes us.

03.09.2019 12:40