Forex Trading Is It All A Scam?

A friend recently contacted me excited to share his new investment which his city friend had introduced him to. I'm no stranger to get rich schemes, they are everywhere you look. In Facebook feeds, Twitter feed, LinkedIn messages, fake Telegram Groups and fake What's App companies but I thought I'd humour him and listen.

The company charges a monthly subscription. You attach to a trading broker and your projected profit is 20% per month. For the first month it was great and of an investment $1000 profit was $666.69, that's over 50% which was great but it was time to pay the monthly subscription so the profit was only $50.

I decided to study manual trading and made a decent profit as well as losing and I saw it's not for me.

I did a little research and came across fx scalpers. A complete waste of money and scam. You attach your broker account and the Ai software does the trading. You'll see profits for a few days but your account will end up losing all your investment. Stay away.

Finally I found a manual trader who has a great success rate, working out of Canada. I did my due diligence and called the Forex broker I am with who have a great customer service team and asked regarding the vetting of Pamm Master Accounts. I was satisfied to connect my account with the trader.

The information can be found @ a handshake blockchain domain. There is no affiliate marketing, no Ponzi schemes, no buying ai software which will leave hole in your pocket.

There is also another safer method which I've been using all of 2020 and it's been consistently paying approximately 6% weekly for the past 15 months.

Below is a screenshot of just a few payouts.

For beginners it's easy to fall in the trap of profiting and falling victim to scams.

There are safe ways to diversify investments and comfortable earn as well as learn with all the crypto projects out there.

As a disclaimer I am not a financial advisor and all Investments have risk of capital. Do your own due diligence and only invest what you can afford to lose.

You are free to use the link above, I do get an affiliate commission but that's not my interest, I've put all the links on handshakes decentralised blockchain so if the icaan links go down the handshake links will still be running.

Watch out for updates

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