Writing Contest by @abenad : The New Chapter

The New Chapter

"Let's welcome the owner of the Njaywan Company Limited to give us our opening speech",@opponk the MC said as the audience stood up on their feet to clap.
@njaywan walked up to the stage with tears in his eyes as his old life played in his mind.

Three years ago
"I hate you!I hate you!!I hate you!!!
You are so useless.
How I wish you never came into this world.
If I ever meet you in the next life I'll curse you.
I hate you!!!"
Those were the words that came from @njaywan's mouth as he stood in front of the mirror talking to himself in tears.

@njaywan was a 24 year old unemployed graduate from the University of Ghana with a good GPA.
He couldn't be in the midst of his colleagues because his financial status was nowhere theirs.
He moved from one company to another submitting application letters upon application letters.
Everyone looked down upon him even his family called him "useless".
After 3 years of staying unemployed he was facing abject poverty and decided to take his life to end everything.
"God I am so tired of everything, enough is enough!I thought You had plans for me but I am so..."
'Skrr skrrr',his phone rang.

"Hello @nattybongo, why are are you calling",he asked furiously.
"Relax bro",@nattybongo replied.
@njaywan:"Who is your bro? when was the last time you heard from me, since you started getting your blood money do you even check up on me?"
@nattybongo:"Blood Money?"
@njaywan:"Oh nobody is a fool we were both unemployed and from nowhere you started getting money.You now have a house and a car,as if that is not enough after Akosua rejected me because I was broke you went for her."
@nattybongo:"Hahaha,that is why I'm calling you, sorry for not checking up on you.I lost your contact bro"
@njaywan: "Whatever,what do you want"
@nattybongo":I want you to join my blood money gang"
@njaywan: "You must be out of your mind and look,no matter how poor I am blood money will never be an option"
@nattybongo: "Hahaha, I'm just kidding.There's this website called steemit where you just blog and earn money.Three years ago after we both couldn't find a job a neighbor introduced me and that is the source of all that I have not blood money.I earned all that I have through steemit,it wasn't easy but with hard work and determination I made it"
@njaywan: "Charley, if you didn't call me to dash me some cash then don't waste my time charley bye bye"
@nattybongo:"See I can give you any amount you need but I just want to teach you how to make your own money"
@njaywan : "Whatever, I'll try."

njaywan joined steemit that day and that was the beginning of a new chapter.He got very involved in different communities and was always active.
He already had good writing skills and was very creative.
In less than two years he had earned so much and invested in so many things.
He created communities and participated in almost every activity and before he realized he was well known on the platform and also earning so much than what he could think of.

As he walked towards the stage to give his speech, he blessed the day @nattybongo's call came through.

Thank you all for your time.

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Haha, interesting read, very creative indeed, i love it, well done dear.

29.05.2021 09:38

Thank you

29.05.2021 09:43

@nattybonho and @njaywan don suffer oo😅😅

Nice post @abenad. Way to be creative

29.05.2021 10:37

Hahahaha..thank you

29.05.2021 11:07

This is awesome. keep it up

29.05.2021 23:08

Thank you

30.05.2021 18:52