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Village Photography -- 10% to @hive-180821

Village Photography

Today I will share the pictures of my village with you so that you people do not impose in the country how much beauty is there in the area and there is a lot of beauty.


Hello friends, today I will tell you about my photography that today I went to the village in the village and celebrated the beauty area. This is a small nursery in my village, there it is beautiful pale yellow flowers, this flower is a little beautiful, these flowers are ruled by our rulers and are probably also prepared . This flower is very beautiful and it is found on you in the parma areas, now you live again if there is a flower, then they have their own sweetness, they have a different identity and the lyrics of this flower song are a little beneficial and it is a very good variety of flowers .


When I was going towards my village, I was engaged in this nursery form on the way, it is very busy in the night and I have given it the name of yellow flower and we all also call it this flower. Riya was able to take love photos going to my village because every flower has its own crop and it takes more personal comfort and we earn a little profit from it.


After that it is a small and not only yellow flowers , it has all the yellow flowers in it only and there is a nursery of yellow flowers, these yellow flowers are our giving, tomorrow I am found in a lot of batra, you are very good. this flower maurya Goals go to the market, they have their own breed, which are sweet flowers to speak.


There are flowers of yellow color, today I have shared all the flowers of yellow color with you, they are planted a lot in my area and their work is very strong and there is such a post in this school, I will share it with you so that it is a very good work and in this .



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