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The school Meeting || first post steem-bru


I hope all my friends will be fine. I will tell you information about myself today. I woke up early this morning. I prayed Fajr and returned home after praying and then I went to school. Prepare and tell your family that today is my PTM. Today you have to go to my PTM. Today is the result of the papers I gave earlier. You have taken my result from my teacher And my family said ok we will go with you then my family got ready I got ready then we went to school together and when we went to school most of the parents had come we took our result to get the result And sitting next to the teacher that your son gave very good papers and his ka displin bi was fine and perfectly fine and did not say anything to anyone. He worked very well. May God bless you. The people were very happy and all the children passed in our class. I am happy. I thank you who worked so hard and I am thankful to you. I am very happy. Then we gave the teacher sweets etc. dy kar came out of the school and four children in our class came in very good marks and they also got the position and we were very happy to see them get prizes and I also got prizes. Then we came back to our house. Then we showed our zalt to our relatives. They congratulated me very much and their heart was very happy. They said, "May Allah bless you in this way. Ameen."


Hello everyone how are you my friends i'm fine i prayed in the morning i came back home after praying and when i came home i got ready for school i went to school I was so rushed that I got late and finally arrived. When I went to school, there was an assembly ahead. I kept my bag and I sat in class ln in assembly lin phr assembly And keep explaining to us and then taking the hamera test, when we are free, we will have a break, then we ate our food. Free then we went to class and then a teacher came and he said today is your all student race ham ny ok sir. The head teacher took us out of the class and then we went to the playground and the teacher told us that you have to run like this. ham start running who is ahead of us two or three students he will win or mn bi jeet geya When we were running, the teacher was watching us. The student saw them and the teacher looked at them and put them on the side. The second one came and put them on the side. The three students came first, then they gave us prizes and applauded us. We were very happy and then we went to our class and then our lecture on howa teacher of science took lecture from us and We got good marks in the test and our very good test howa Then we were very happy and my heart was very happy. This was my information for today which I did all day today.


I hope all the friends will be fine and I am fine too I got up early in the morning I prayed and returned home after the Fajr prayer and when I came back home I got ready for school I put on my uniform And after taking a bath, I went to school and when I went to school, the first assembly was taking place. I took the assembly first and took the assembly and went to class. Naat and hymn were being sung in the assembly. I heard and I took him to my class and when I came to the class the first lecture on Islam was given. He told us about Islam and he told us the verse etc. and we gave a very good test. There are seven lectures a day Then we would have a break. Then we all went to the break. There we had anjuya etc. and had bhate with all the friends and had food etc. And after eating we came to our class. In the same way we took five lectures and prayed. It's time. Then we went to the playground to pray. There we spread our mats and sat down to pray. We are very happy. Prayers are offered in our school and our hearts are very calm. We should pray five times a day so that Allah may be pleased and our hearts may be at peace. In the same way, may Allah keep everyone happy. While the children were praying, I made a picture of them and then I took a picture. This was my information for today which I liked very much. I said let me tell you all about myself. I feel very good. I am very happy. May Allah keep all my friends happy. Ameen.



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