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The Diary Game || #Club75 || 10% to @steemit-pak

Asslam O Alaikum

Morning 🌅🌄

As you all know that the weather is cold in the morning and we are busy in our work even though the weather is cold, so first I did it to offer namaz in the mosque, after that the came back from the masjid.

Today work

Which I had a strong laptop and gave this laptop to me to sell it to the customer and I put it in pictures on OLX so that people can come to buy it after seeing it and share its picture with you guys too.


After Noon

Then after that I open my mobile and I saw my crypto currency application that how many countries the market is waking up . So after that I saw in the market that the market is going down and when it is giving signals like this, then I made a picture of it and shared it with you people, you also remember the move and the market is down, so avoid it .


Tcs Office District

After that I had to go towards the city today because my parcel was to arrive and I went to the city because I had to find my parcel by bus and car and come to TCS office. After friend, I went to TCS office and talked to him that I have got a parcel with this name, then he said, you should do the sanitar here and your parcel has been received.


Mobile softwares devices

After that I opened the website of my mobile software and there I saw the market, which box is running nowadays and what kind of work is being done in the new case. So after that I opened the GSM again and there, all the devices are in it, quoting the mobile software, in which we can see a lot of information and can get all kinds of information.


Evening To My shop

After that I came back to my shop and after sitting at the shop, three customers came to me, he said that I want to take Vivo mobile, so I showed him in the pictures and picked up the mobile so that he could see it, then he told me that you can buy it. So I warned about News0 and tell all the things that happen in mobile


After All

So after that the customer took Vivo Y21 mobile to me which will get new box pack of 25000 from the market. So he was very happy and I opened the box and gave it to him, I called his google account and started his application so that he would be happy to see and start his work.


End The Diary Game



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