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My name is Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot. I am from pakistan. now i am share my tech diary in steem infinity zone community. hope you like it.


So today I got up first of all, I offered namaz in the mosque, after offering namaz, I came back to the shop, cleaned the shop, after that turned on my laptop . and after that i open my messenger then we my brother had messaged me about ludo he told me send me back . Which I have saved Morudo's message in the screenshot and I am showing you that I have sent it since morning.


After that as I was sitting at the shop, my friend called me that we have to go to Sadar today by quoting Tabzeem of mobiles community city. So I told him I come to you, then we all cut off and went to Sadar's shop and sat there. And after that all the things will start and we also made our statement that there should be one person in the market who is responsible for the whole thing and every person should be responsible for what he is doing and not doing any wrong thing. There should be focus on this, so always made these pies there and we congratulate them to mr. Al Qadri Mobiles post to saddar.


After that my step called me and said brother, I want the flower of instagram page then I told him, send me your link, you will come forward by evening. So he said okay I send you his link and increase my followers like you . So after that I have subscribed all the members from my website by putting the id of my concern. And in the evening my appreciation told me that all A big thank you has come on the phone and give more followers.


When I opened my Binance application, the market was very low there. After that I saw this is a very good opportunity which one should be taken in the market and make good profit. Who I have bought because of this, whose market value has worked a lot and it will give good profit in the coming days .


After that I opened my laptop and a customer came to me, that customer had an iPhone seven mobile and I told him to whom what is the issue, he told this country code is there, how will it open . Unlocked online Allah happens in 24 hours . So he said ok, if you fix me like this, then I told him, after 24 hours, take me with sim on .




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