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Tech Diary Game || Club 75 || 31-01-2022 || 10% to @siz-official

Assalam O Alaikum Friends.

My Tech-Diary 10% to siz-official


Hope you all are well and enjoying your work and enjoying your life . And feel very happy that every man is doing his work diligently in terms of his work so that he can find the bette wide in it .


I woke up early in the morning and offered namaz in the mosque. The weather was beautiful and it was cold too. So during that time I went to my shop and sat at the shop And I had to go to the city today and take a little mirror by referring to the mirror from the market . so bar without it i call a friend of mine when we have to go to town . So he told me, let's get some sunlight out after that . So after that we started the motorcycle and we headed towards the city. I am standing at the shop from where I want to buy glass and I made a picture that was my first thing today .


So at the same time, I turned on my mobile and while being in service to the crypto binance market, I saw that today's crypto market is going down. So this is a good opportunity for the investors that without this, you can earn good bonus by investing your money in Binance. As you guys know that BTC has also done a lot more work than its and today's rate is too much work, but without this there has been a big change in the market and every person is investing. And I have also invested by quoting the coin.


And today I saw some little notifications from the settings of my Binance, then I saw in Binance How much work have I done in the year 2021 and how many orders have been placed and how much work has been done, in this thing he told that you have done so much work in 2021 . So I was very surprised to see this and was very happy that I have done my work in this way and there was no problem of any kind. Many people are earning from Binance and we are also earning, this is a very good platform by quoting Crypto. Thanks @deepcrypto8 @binance


So after that I did my work and after working I got a call from my friend that I have to meet sir I have a little work . So I said okay I will come to your side, when will my work be done by your town. So my friend has a lab in the city and this white is different it has the biggest shop in the city . In this, he says that all the patients' blood tests etc. And they do a great job and they work hard too .


So when I entered the lab, I saw this big picture in front and was very happy and I made a picture of it so that I can tell my friends after seeing it, we should put this kind of picture in our homes, offices and schools also. And because of these pictures our faith.


So after that I saw that there is some space outside for the patients for the batter so that no patient gets disturbed and can wait for their turn comfortably. This is a very nice step and I have seen this a lot that there is no place to sit here . So it has done a very good job that the seating area is well provided and every person appreciates here and it is a very good work for them, may Allah Pak give them the progress.



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