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Hello friends, how are you, hope you are all well, today I will tell you about my day, how I passed my heart and will also share pictures with you .

Turkey Visa Rejection Letter

I had applied for a turkey visit visa, which was done with great effort. So today I have received the application that your visa has been rejected that there is some issue in your document, so I thought why not share the link with you, you also see me any suggestion about it, now how can I apply again . So this is my rejection letter which has come from embassy pakistan karachi side.


evening power up

After that I checked my Steemit wallet, then I had some pending records which became claim rewards, so I confirmed it and power up steem all tokens. After that my power is also increasing and I am doing my work diligently.



So after that I left a little, the weather was very pleasant and I went to a town in my village, after going there I thought why not make some pictures and take care today . I went there and made pictures etc. And the number of these flowers is found in our millions, because of this I have made pictures of beautiful flowers.


Binance p2p dollar rates

After that I had to buy a few dollars usdt from the market today, so when I don't open my binance application, So I looked at the dollar rate USDT . So today's market rate is very high and I had to buy dollar because the market is down, because of this we are getting this opportunity to buy some things, so that's why I took this dollar buy.


Today Steem Market

As you know, nowadays the rate of the steem is falling a lot and you are doing it now, so by putting a train on it, we will benefit a lot and will have to work with me on this. That's why I have put the trade at steemit steem .so that I can make good profit .


End diary texh



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