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Club100 -- Village Famous Vegetables Photography


So first of all today I will tell you about the most famous things of my area, then which are the most famous and found things in my villages.

Beauty of area

So today I will tell you about the beauty of my area that along with beauty, vegetables are also found in my area. As you people know that vegetables are found in every area from Buxar because condition also eat vegetables and vegetables are found in particular areas. Exactly the same type, these are found in our area and we sell it and run the system.So this is a very good work, I get a lot of benefit from vegetables and by eating vegetables, we also get physical strength.


Cauliflower(Gobi Punjabi)

as you know this vegetable we call it gobi in punjabi .So these vegetables are found by exercise in our area because our area is famous because of the subject. In my area, b exercise is found in Daag because by eating this vegetable we get many benefits, our chest decreases and after that the time at which our Das Chakor grows.



Do you go like this, these sails are very funny fruits, they make you go astray, these peas are found to run big in our area, then eating them makes it a lot more fun and they are big and tasty.



Or maybe you are making it, but it is loved in part, this is exactly the same kind of cabbage




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