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Club100 | The Diary Game | 07-03-2022 | 10% to @steemit-pak


Hello friends, how are you, hope you are all fine, today I will tell you about my day, how has my day gone?

Work shop

This morning when I came to the shop, I have a small mobile which was the mobile of Mukesh Jain company and it runs on SIM change network. The customer told me that I have to run all the sims in this, then if you fix me, then I said ok you will be fine, you will have to give some time, then he said ok you took a little time . I bought it on 108, with the help of it, I unlocked it and turned on all the send in it and I will definitely match the name of the software with you, you can also get the software done by me.


Frp Unlock Vivo Y21A

So after a while I was called by my friend who I have bought Vivo Y mobile, so what kind of mobile is this I said it is a good mobile, its battery is very good, its camera is also very good and its shining is also very good and it . Then he said, I have made a small mistake, it has an FRP account, which shows the OK Google account, so if I do not know about it, then fix it, then I did not say come to me, I would have fixed it . When my friend came to me, I turned him to Allah through FRP device and made his photo so that I can share with you people and you can also get online service .


Accessories Pics

After that I made some pictures of my shop, which I will definitely share the pictures with you. In my opinion, whatever day it should be shared today, all the charger cables round the hands-free luck are compelled because Modi is there and is available here in the market and away from me. And this is a very good thing, this work is very good, you should also do this work and it should be done by understanding it, it has big benefits.


Mobiles Battery

So this is a small counter of mine, in that your mobile battery song is strong, which is Android and key battery, this battery is very less available in markes because it is very expensive, because of this I bought a little work from no. By using it, there is a lot of in the battery and it is because of this that the battery is kept.


Pay Bilss

So after that I can go to our nose, I live in Punjab black, so today was the last date of the bill in our lock, so today I have appealed together and made a picture of it so that I can share it with you guys, so today I have this day. This is a very good work and by paying the bill, we also benefit and the customer also benefits and it is a very good setup, you can do 11 four five hundred kumar through bill kumar .




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