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Club100 | Tech Diary Game Today work | 3 month power up 894 steem | 10% to @siz-official


Hello friends today i will tell you about my day how i have spent my day .

  • this is a picture.i have told what kind of day .


We Love Power Up 100% in 3 month i reached 894 sp.

So as you guys are seeing in my account that I live on I am power up of my account with in 3 months. So I feel very happy that I am making my accoujt value strong. it has great advantages . And by working hard, I will become a part of Dospan and I am very much in agreement with this.


Shop Work Softwares

So first I came to the shop, I called the laptop at the shop, after calling the laptop, the customer came to me . So he showed me his mobile that my mobile has to be unlocked, the sim is not turning on. So I said it will be unlocked, it will go away so much and it will take so much time .so he said ok you fix it .
so after that i fixed it and it's your guess any sim can work in it.


Salad Healthy

As you know, there are many benefits of salad and salad should always be eaten in the afternoon, so for this reason a picture of the daily has been made so that you also eat salad. So there are many benefits of salad which I cannot describe, because of this I have said that salad should be eaten and we get this in many things from salad.


Topup Customers Greena Fire

So after that another customer is coming to me, he said That's getting me to top up my game greena fire . So I told him it's ok you will be top . so he gave me his id and after giving id i topup him . After that I can also make a picture and share it .


Ring Sitara Match Alhamdulillah

So after that, after going here to my pir sahib, I sat down, then I thought in my heart why should I see my whole . So when I saw the star, this star of mine came which I have described to you in the picture and I will wear it in my hand after seeing it.


End tech diary game



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