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Hello friends, today I will tell you about my photography. And I have done some photographs in my area, which I have done with my mobile and I will tell you all, how photography is a lot of fun and good photography.

Blur Photos

Today, when I went to a village in my village early in the morning, when I saw that there are beautiful vegetables there and I went there and made some from the mobile phone and this picture is also included in one of them. This picture is a very beautiful picture and I have made it by zooming my camera so that it looks blur photo and looks very beautiful



This raindrop is on this little flower early in the morning . So I was very happy seeing all this mantra and I quickly saved it from my mobile. Opportunities like this are very rare and I made this picture with great effort and it looks very beautiful as can be seen in the picture very well right now .


Rain drops

And this is also a picture of raindrops in exactly the same way that small leaves are feeling like raindrops and this picture is found in very voting .
i made very nice and this is a very nice picture that's why i made this picture .


Vegatables villages

And this is a small fruit and vegetable plant, so I have made a picture of a crowded villages. this plant is very beautiful and all the little ones are visible in it. It is a very beautiful flower, many of those flowers are found and it is very good, due to which flowers and many things are found in it.



Are you seeing all these pictures that I have saved all these pictures from my mobile today so that I can put this post and tell them that this type of photography should be done, the benefits of doing this photography


End photos




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