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Club 75 -- Power Up Day -- 10% to @Steemit-pak also @pak-charity

Hello, my friend name is @abdulqayyum95857. now i am officially a member of #club75 and i wish hope soon i will be a member of #club100 .thanks for sharing.

10% to @Steemit-pak also @pak-charity

We Love Power Up 100%

  • Today power Up Day.


Power up

Greetings and blessings. Hope you are all well and I am also fine Alhamdulillah. today i will tell you about my steam power off-grid how I upgraded my steam power.

Power up all steem

I converted all this week's steam to my power and now I am very happy because my power 451. I will continue to upgrade free steam power with my hard work and hope you will vote and support me for this power

How to power up

I'll walk you through all the ways in how I made my screen steam power and how I used it .
You must have seen in the pictures that I have graded my steam power in this way, you can grade your steam power with the help of these pictures I have attached below.







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