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Club 100 | Tech Diary Game | Enjoying With Nearest Border Area Pak , India | 10% to @siz-official


Hello friends, how are you, hope you are all well and I will tell you about today's day, how I spent my whole day

Today Clixks

You and my friends are seeing this, I have made a picture from my mobile so that I can remember it and this is a great time we have spent with us. So the reason for this is that my friends and I used to study in many places to meet us which was the area close to the border. I feel very happy that we are all kids and we go for outing somewhere so that we can make this memorable journey .


Border Area

As you are seeing this road, the special feature of this road is that it goes straight towards India and in front of it is Pakistan. Some way is very dangerous here no one is allowed to go here so here I went and I made pathpiparium hot there so that you guys can sing about them too .And we had a lot of fun and we kept on enjoying the night at the deity border and we had a lot of fun .



So after that the answer was coming back, so I saw in the bank that we get some money out of here so that it can be useful in the time of need, then I came here and made a picture or not and I did this lion's picture with you, he wrote this .


Fish Point

You could see the point of fish in front of it, from here people come to catch fish and so on and there is a huge pit in which water is only water and there is a lot of fish here and people come and take the fish and take it away.

So this is a very good opportunity to roam around, so we should move around and here is a very good opportunity .


Steem Eth

After that I came a little ahead and opened my Banaras from the city and saw what is the market of the team, what is its condition, when I saw Steam, I made a picture of it. Seeing this condition, I was a little sad too, which team is going down a lot, due to which BTC is also going down, its leg is not able to match at all .


End Tech-Diary Game Today



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