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Device Unlocking

Today a customer came to me in the shop, he said that I have to get this software done. So after that I have told him that it will be done as it will cost so much so he said okay now let me fix it . After that I told him, you will come so big and take your voice, then he said okay I will come and take it, after that I did not fix the device, after fixing the device, all the network sims run in it .


Nokia flashing

After that I have nokia mobile nokia mobile is locked which i told him it will cost ₹ 500 then he said ok do it . So after that the customer was very surprised, he said ok you will have a PAN card from me, so I said ok, now let's go for a while then after that I fixed it .


Zong unlocking

So he came to me another device, which I will go to was a company's dress, so I told him it will be unlocked . After that he said that if you fix it, then I have not fixed it and have told it this much.




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