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Photography Flower 10% to @hive-180821

Blur Photography

Hello friends, today I will tell you about the photos of my whole day, how I spent today about photography and how I did photography.

This is a plant, this plant is planted in a small part of my village, this plant is very beautiful, because of which I did like it after seeing the weather pleasant and I made this picture of it and this picture is very good . This picture goes and got from this picture and pretty much the best picture in terms of weather .


Yellow Flowers Village

These flowers are found in our village with exercise, a lot of them are present in our village. This flower is present in our village in large numbers. These flowers are very beautiful, their sweetness is very much and they have a bit of their own, these flowers look very beautiful in their large number. This flower is very beautiful and there are flowers of yellow color, their farmer is very strong.


Night Photos

This is the result of my mobile . I miss this picture a lot when I turned on the camera of my mobile at night, I made this picture of it . This picture has come out from the mouth and it has got all the colors and it has a tow camera, this is its vision camera, this camera has many states and I will tell you luck, should you do photography.


Zoom Photos

This is what I used the camera of my mobile, so I zoomed a bit on it, after doing you or local what kind of picture has come . This picture is very good and all the pictures in it come back a lot because the result of this camera is very good . And in this you can also give flowers of different low color that these flowers are looking a little happy, their work is very much and these flowers are a great exercise, but sir and more we are too much


photography end

At this end I made a photo, the purpose of this photo was that if I can get you the camera of my mobile, then the result of me on my mobile is very beautiful . Hope you will do this type of photography This type of photography all get many lessons and many things are good it is one of the best pictures of nature .




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