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Beauty Flowers

Even today I will tell you about flowers that in my area many are flowers. The number of flowers in our areas is very common or local flowers are found.



This is a small plant which is planted in a garden in my area, there I saw it and made a picture of the palace so that I can share its picture with you guys that it is a very nice beautiful plant .



Plants come selfishly in the form of this beauty, they are engaged in our garden on occasion, they remain on a lot and its market is very high.



This is also planted in my garden, this is a lemon plant, this plant is very beautiful and it has all its fruits, you can see it by your picture. It is found in my area with a lot of exercise because the farmers are very many, it is like the middle of China and it is usually found many times a year and their taste is amazing.


Beauty area

This beautiful is engaged in a small part of our village Flowers are found. Jaipur is of very good quality, it has a lot of sweetness and it is found in our area at very broker and their evening is that face Audio are very beautiful types of flowers, their color is very light, the river is beautiful .





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