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Club 100 | My Photography Beauty Flowers


Hello friends, today I will tell you about photo photography.

This is Good Job @hive-180821

White Flowers

These are white colored flowers, they are found in large numbers in our area. Most of all we need that it is cut in our lakhs, we take it out and it reaches in the form of beauty. It is famous in our area because people come to us from far away, take these flowers and decorate them, these are the best flowers for decoration.


Yellow Flowers

These are the most important flowers of my area, because of these flowers, my area is very famous because it is very beautiful in terms of beauty and also very sweet in terms of fine, there is a lot of sweetness inside them . What happens to the airphones and they are usually installed on the left side after my area and get from there .


River Flowers Beauty

These are white colored flowers on the banks of the river, which are also seen inside the world. These beautiful flowers are very good, because of this a very beautiful voice is made. And because of this, even these flowers look stupid and people here have a lot of opinion, which falls like flowers somewhere, flower heads become successful.


Sweets Flowers

As you know, they are found in every area in the east, these photos are of this type, where do we do speech wise and it is used for beauty and from this we wish we also extract oil . And it is a very good former in terms of oil, mustard oil comes out from these flowers and it is very beautiful and its sweetness is very high which we eat and apply in hair.



Today my only motive was that today I will tell about flowers and inshallah planet will make fun of flowers during the day and keep posting such posts, I was famous for days because of which where did Madhubala become active in the post .



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