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Beauty Nature Photography || 10% to @hive-180821


Today I will tell you about the photography of my day, how I have taken photography

Nature Photos

Today I have made this picture by going to my area, this picture is a This flower is found very much in our area, we call it sunflower flower. Sunflower flower has many benefits, I have told about it earlier as well, today I will tell about it in the mosque, what are the benefits and benefits of whose exam it is. What is it looking like in the picture that the sunflower always keeps looking towards the sun because the set gets hot there?


Sun Flowers

So I took this picture by going there when the weather was clear and the strong winds were blowing. so because of this the weather was very nice and i went there and made pictures .



Say this picture, just a beautiful picture man, I have made this picture by going there, this receipt is made from my mobile and its result is very good and it looks very good to me . You guys will like this picture because I made this picture on a very good occasion and the weather was very nice there .


Sun-Flowers Beauty Nature Click

I have made this picture there because of the reason that very sex smarts are found in it, if you look at this picture carefully, there is a lot to be seen in it which every man cannot see. The world has been created that you guys have a glimpse of this picture and see in which you can tell a lot, and this is a very good picture and there is a lot in it, we are present even later.


Blur Photos

I have made my mobile camera by blurring because a good picture is made from blood and there you can see the view of the picture left . this is so good again man i like it very much .



I have also made this picture since morning so that someone can give voice to this picture, the confluence of Jalsa is a good picture. The advantages of the picture are I made this picture




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