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Club100 | The Diary Game | 10% to @steemit-pak

Hello my friends today I am posting my day diary game to @steemit-pak.

10% to @steemit-pak


Very Disappointed as #SNGPL

Friends, today I lost my gas bill, seeing which I angrily called the help line and told them what is the reason for getting this high bill. It is a bad thing for you that our company of Pakistan is giving a lot of builds, nowadays there is no winter in the police station, they are lying closed here too. I am very angry about this and you respect Pakistan very much. And that's why I have shared this bill so that you guys can see how much my bill has come.


Complain #SNGPL.Pakistan

So I got its link from Pakistan website with the help of google from internet . After calling Kajal, I filed my complaint there. The purpose of registering my complaint is that I should be asked why my bill has come so much. And I feel very sad that this is happening in Pakistan nowadays and bin is coming too much due to which common man common urban can't pay his bill . Because of this I have taken this step so that now the gas departments can know that we too are alive, doing our own work there and this complaint that sngpl responsible.


Power up day

So after that when I went to steemit wallet, I had some rewards from.posts. So when i opened my account i converted all that sbd to steam . And after converting to city, when I saw that it is so many days, then I turned off all the power . power off my power mega and i am fig power off so i can be part of friends


Dell Laptop 4rth gen for sale

so after that i had a laptop whose model was dell . So it came to me to fail, so I made 24 pictures of it and put shares on Facebook and OLX, people who need them can get it from me after seeing . So I have also put this on my WhatsApp status so that if any of my friends need it, they can take it from me for a good price and I feel very happy when I am useful to other people


sign board

When I was passing through the road today, I saw it once, so I have made a picture of that board so that I can share it with you guys, then in my area such competitions are happening a lot and every person is looking forward to the competition. Now-a-days is the age of competition, every man does his work so that I can believe first, then this is the reason if this is the work of competition in this era.


Marrigae hall

After that I had a chance to go to the marriage hall close to my LA, so I went there because my friend Kabali Mata and by going there I made pictures of mine, convinced that I had an encounter with all the things of my friend.




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