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#Club100 || Power Up Day 100% || 10% to @pak-charity and @steemit-pak

10% to @pak-charity -- 10% to @steemit-pak


Hope you all are well, today I will tell you about my power, how I got the tag of #club100.
I feel very happy that I am working on Steemit from last 1 year and my work is going very well Alhamdulillah .


I feel very happy that today I want to post in Steemit Pakistan that I am going to turn off my power up and in this way I have seen this tag.

we love power up !

Today I have converted all the steam I had in my answer to power. So that's why I made this post because I want to tell friends how I participated in #club100.









let's start to big chance move

And we should work hard on life in such a way that we can support any other friends on our account . Sport purpose is only so that we vote for your post to others . And it is a very good work that we should power off and this will give us a lot of progress and changes will come in our account very soon .

steem power up

So we should keep powering our account to you because its very imp. I feel extremely happy that every banda streamer works hard and is supported in Pakistan .

Now my sp is 812.875.



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