The Diary Game 24-09-2020 | I Withdrawn My Hunt Token after 1.5 Years | My Thursday Activities | Pakistan

Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.

This is the heart breaking that today is last day of season 2 diary. And Thursday was 2nd last day, how the days spent faster. More Co incidence is in last days of diaries I am really free, literally doing nothing. Yesterday I slept 2 times in a day, and didn't went to center.

I woke up early in morning yesterday, and I did breakfast earlier, but I don't had any more to take class. Even I am not going today also. I was feeling bore so I started my PC and I did checked somethings.

Then I saw that I have meta mask extension in my browser, from the launch of Hunt token, I thought I will check it for last time and if it is not workable for me I will delete the extension.
I opened it by clicking and I saw my hunt tokens value is more than$30, in nowadays Hunt is getting higher. I had 750+ tokens only, so when Hunt Token launched I was having $9 a total price of my all Hunt tokens. But I felt happy yesterday, these was at $30.
I swapped some Hive to ETH using blocktrade, because you can not withdraw your tokens without some ETH. That means first you have to deposit your fee in meta mask, after checking your total hunt tokens fee. Like I had 700+ so the fee was $1.50 or something in ETH, so I sent $2 in ETH and then I Withdrawn my token to probit directly. I was happy because not any other site I know the Hunt can be trade able or I know like Daybit or else but these sites are expensive.

I withdrew my remaining ETH to probit also, after getting my tokens in my probit. I made a trade on Hunt and ETH, also I made a trade of my HIVE on probit. Then I saw the hive and Steem rate, and it disappointed me.

After that I did lunch and slept for 4 hours or more. Then I woke up and went to market to buy Somethings of home need. When I was com back to home, I captured this night photo of our area.


After that I did dinner and then, I started computer again and then I wrote the details about Pi in Project hope. I slept and I forgotten to write my diary at night, as usual I do post. So I am posting it now.


I am very thankful to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and @rashid001 sir.

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@ abdt , you reaserch alot in crypto .and happy to read that you got some earning in Hunt tokan.
What is pi can you share a link of your publiciation

Regards @rashid001

26.09.2020 08:33

Sure thing Here you go

26.09.2020 12:04

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27.09.2020 04:57