The Diary Game 23-09-2020 | I met with a friend | My Wednesday Activities | Pakistan

Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.

If start the diary post from the morning, I woke up at the time of Azan of Fajar. And I was listening that while the eyes was full with lazzynes. I did breakfast with my family at 7:45 AM. I had time to go center, but I didn't. Because of some illness and tensions. I met with friend and we had talk for 3 hours at his tares.

We was talking about environment, population and notion of Pakistan. I told him that everyone on Facebook from Pakistan, think he is doing a really hard job on Facebook and when I tried to bring them here, they didn't respond as they found steemit more harder. I tried to tell them it is simple but smarter and not harder. But there is no creativity in this nation. He was laughing and agreeing me.

He asked me about my Steem journey, and I told him about all my works and posts, I showed him also with his wifi. He was like "Good work". I surprising to him, just good work. Then we were talking about trading, he given me the idea of trading but I want to work on steemit, together with all Pakistani steemians. So I left some voice messages to @haidermehdi brother. He answered me and accepted my request but on only the condition on working at their community.

I didn't disagreed him, because of any jealousy or something like that. But I was trying to understand him the value of this community now, and we have to work to improve it from now. If we work in new community now, then it will take much time to grow like this. I respect all communities in steemit. But I was trying to get the real talented of this community back here.
This community became a platform for all of us. So I will wait for his reply with acceptance of my invitation and forgiveness to us. I captured a selfie on my friend's tares.


Or I tried for a style. We had lot of conversation while eating lays. Then I got a phone call from home of some work so I said him good-bye.
Then I did some work of what I got order. Then I came back to home and I did lunch. After that I got voice message from @haidermehdi brother. I hope 🥺 to see all of them back, I wish, I would love. Then I watched a movie after many time I did.
After that I did nothing proper till now, so I am posting my diary post. I was getting bore so I thought to write diary.


I am very thankful to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and @rashid001 sir.

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It's not like every time you are going to say sorry my friend and the wishes come true :)
Every thing that happened did not happen in a moment you should understand this and let's move forward :)
We will work together and i am here giving you an open invitation my friend :)
Come and join us in the STEEMIT PAKISTAN community and help us grow the way we helped you and you will see it won't take much time :)
We have already grabbed 15 active members by God's will.
I would love to see us all together there with justice equality and teamwork :p which i couldn't see here to be very sorry :)

I hope you had a great time with your friend, I wish you all the good luck in the world.
Your very own,

onepercent #pakistan #affable

23.09.2020 17:50


23.09.2020 22:01

When I was asking you to become United again and you didn't accepted. So don't be in any misunderstanding, that I told sorry for my mistake. I was saying sorry to just re unit all Pakistani steemians. Not because I did any mistake. Who left the unity he did the mistake.

24.09.2020 17:30

Haha bro you are very short-tempered person.
A flower now and a whale the next moment.
Try relaxing your mind my friends look we exchanged prayers with each other the last time we talked.
I can again open up all and everything and we can fight again but bro keep your calm don't lose your temper. We decided we will divide the workload so we will. Don't get angry my sweet friend i really loved your efforts :)
Stay happy my friend May God Bless you :)
I love you bro :)
Yours, haidermehdi :)

onepercent #pakistan #affable

24.09.2020 17:42

I was just clearing the point of sorry, I told. I didn't lost my temper, I am also born in Karachi and I do love.

24.09.2020 18:12

Okay bro okay xD

24.09.2020 19:36

Good job you are trying to eknowledge people about steemit .
In the begining of every work we face difficulties.

But it become easy while doing it regularly ..

Thanks . Keep doing good work .

23.09.2020 19:55

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Steem on!

27.09.2020 05:05