The Diary Game 22-09-2020 | I Spent The Day Free | My Tuesday Activities | Pakistan

Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.

This is the diary of day, when I woke up very earlier in morning but I didn't take any benefit. I woke up at 5:20 AM and then I never slept, but I didn't went to center today also. The usage of waking up was zero by me, I mean everyone have to use time in right way and things.

I did use only on WhatsApp, steemit, Facebook and YouTube. Today I don't had any more to go to center so I started computer after doing my breakfast at 7:30 AM. I saw some headlines on YouTube, some news is to be listen. All we listen we don't believe on it often but we have to stay updated.

Then I left using computer and shut down it, I went to market to purchase a PC cable. I found the cable after asking from 5 shops to I got that from fifth. So I started walking back to home.( Povelian).

Then I ate some lunch at time of 3:00 PM. So I was freshes then, the winter is getting start in this area and cool city Abbottabad. I can feel that now, at night.

At road I captured this photo to share with you, guys so this is the mixture photo of summer and winter.
You can see the sunlight as hot, but it wasn't. Just little, it was hot I agree. But now the season is becoming alright.

Then I spent my time with my mobile after lunch to still now. I did dinner in last hour, and it was very tasty.
Don't you have noticed, I don't use to specify every simple dinner or lunch when I eat at home. In some diaries I have posted about biryani and my simple breakfast. But I don't want to include the food in diary, because it will then become rough usage of words.
The quantity doesn't matter, quality matter. And changing everyday your post is the biggest quality of you. After dinner I am making the diary post while taking a rest. I hope you enjoyed my diary post.

I am thankful to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and @rashid001 sir.


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Look like addicted to social media ..

Thanks for shaing your activities

onepercent #pakistan

22.09.2020 19:04

Nice diary.

Watching news is a good habit. Always keep your good habit alive. I think , you can use google plus code of your locations, It will make your diary interesting. At the end of your diary you have told some beautiful words.

Thank you.




23.09.2020 20:12

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27.09.2020 05:11