The Diary Game 20-09-2020 | I Tried To Capture A Flag After Sunset | My Sunday Activities | Pakistan

Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.

Every day is not same as the last, days change and they does. As for the Sunday, there is no guarantee that you spend your Sunday same as the previous Sunday. I think I am understandable here. Or with example last Sunday I spent without any tention of course class, or I did anything else, and today I had a tention, preparation, and much extra things to do. Next Sunday maybe I will fresh, or maybe I will tire double from now. After working still 2:00 PM I was very tired and I got serious pain in my left arm, and still I am feeling it.

After lunch I went to market at 3 PM or above, and I was getting tired more. Because if you have one pain, then the ratio of tiredness will increase automatically in your mind. But I reached back home, and then I took a nap for some time.

After waking at 5 PM I was little fresh so I started editing the gameplay video for upload on YouTube. I played the game tomorrow morning as I think I told in my last diary post. So it taken 1 hour to edit the video. If you watch the video some parts of my video are removed because of some error occured in the editor while editing the face-cam video, so I had to cut some parts of my video, and it made me sad. So I started uploading it on YouTube while I was doing dinner. We often do dinner quick, but I use to sleep little late.

The video was uploading and I came to gallery of our house, and I saw here and there. Actually I remembered that I don't have any photo today to share in diary post. Because of work I couldn't took any one. I saw Pakistan flags near by our home, and I thought to capture it with mobile. Here is the photo:


I know I am not a photographer, because it is not my field. But I think I captured it well without using flashlight at night. So start keep sharing your comments for that.
After that I saw the video was being uploaded so I started computer and put my mobile on charging. I uploaded the video as private in mobile so I edited it properly in computer, I use to do this. Then first I shared the video on my steemit blog.

If you swipe down of my account you will find my elder videos in posts too. I am writing my diary post now. So after that I have a plan to sleep for sometime.
That's all for today.


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Every day bring new suprises with it... Your doing great.

onepercent #pakistan

21.09.2020 14:35

Very nicely you spent your day. The flag is looking awesome in night.

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21.09.2020 15:36