The Diary Game 19-09-2020 | I Went To The PC Market | My Saturday Activities | Pakistan

Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.

This is Abdul Basit, he is finding words to share a diary post with you.
I was not have any work today, because from the center we have two holidays. So I slept late last night, after watching a movie. Then I woke up today at 5 or 6 AM first, then I slept again and woke up at 8 AM, but then I slept again for 1 hour more. Like I was doing a play with sleeping and waking.

I saw there the power cut and due to power cut the fan was closed, so that's why I woke up. Then I straight washed my hands and face first. Then I did simple breakfast with tea and bread. It is my suggestion to you do not wake up late because you will eat the more simplest breakfast, if that was even simple at morning. And also you can not eat fully. It is also do damage your natural eating time.

So next I just played a game and recorded it for YouTube channel, soon I will edit it and share with you. Then I went to PC Market to find a cable for my PC.
I went straight to the PC shop, from where I purchased things many times. Now there is a picture captured to share with you.


Then I saw two relatives came there and we had talk on the shop for one hour. We was meeting after very time, the shopkeeper was taking interest in our talks too. Sometime he was adding his lines, or jokes. Then I said good bye to them and started walking to home.

I felt little hunger so I went to the biryani shop where I used to ate biryani. I use to eat biryani often there, so I ordered double plate and a coke.

I used ultra micro mode to capture this photo.

So I got the view of biryani and coke only, but I don't think I can do good photography, I just capture photos to share in diary. Or sometime I capture scenery greenery or the view I liked on the spot. I often don't capture selfies. But very few times, I don't have my own photos in my own mobile more than 10.

So after lunch there, I came back home and then I slept for some time. At morning I helped @sardar-sani in some works and then we went to market and had some fun, while playing snooker. After coming back I made the winner announcement post of my contest and then I was having talk with active members on WhatsApp.
That's all for today!


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Hi there, sleep is what you do when you are free. Am saying because it what i do.
About the picture, the second picture is nice, it a good shot i must say. Nice one

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19.09.2020 21:51

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Yes, sure.

20.09.2020 04:12

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