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Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.

The school, universities are open from 15 Sep. It is not new, but it is thinkable. I didn't went to center 2 days of starting, I was chill. But There was anything waiting for me.

This is @abdt with another diary post, successfully I wrote my yesterday diary and slept. I was praying in my heart, that I will woke on time at morning. And Mashallah I woke up today one and half hour before the time. It was good, and I was feeling happy and preparing to go to center today. I did break fast at 7:20 AM, and I was ready for center at 7:40 AM. Our class is starting from 8 AM and so I was in hurry to reach center. I started my bike and was driving it very smoothly to center.

The air was little cold, and I saw the boys going to their schools and colleges. I was also watching the sunlight on the road made on mountain. Actually the Abbottabad is based on mountains and the area between mountains. On the other side the Abbottabad contain many areas, but we call this small place Abbottabad and we think other places different from it. After reaching in the ground area I was feeling some hot, but it was not too much. I taken a big root, because of our sweet police uncles, whose are ready to do a chalan on any biker, always. As we think and often try to tell you the city is small, and the Uncles are much so it is a difficult task to get rid from them. And the chalan is not less than 600 PKR on bikers, so you can understand our feelings.

I reached center at 8:08 AM, and there I saw, there is no sunlight on our center. Because it is another corner of Abbottabad. I saw there was no teacher, and then I turned on my Mobile data and started talking in group. That time our brother @hassanabid was online, so it was nice talking with him. Then at the time of 8:45 I saw the sunlight is arriving on our center, so I captured a photo of front of our center.


As you can see the sunlight, oh you can see some shits too. Seriously!!!

It is funny, is not it. I captured that too, Oh my.. So I captured this one photo only by keeping that in mind try to see the sunlight only. Then we was using computer lab for 4 hours and enjoying. At 1 PM I got freedom and I started my bike to reach home. I did lunch and then some important works, after that I announced our respective winners. I tried my best to give the rewards to eligible people.
Then I went down for some thing's purchasing. I felt hungry so I ate biryani at restaurant. It is a dish which can be a golden dish at any restaurant.


Biryani, oh you can see it, because I ate this 3 hours ago Lots of Love(LOL). So here the diary post want an end and my brain need a refreshment. Allah Hafiz.



My Application For POD Post
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Aww Delicious Biryani, :)
well weather in punjab, not good 38-40 temp,but real feel 44,45.

17.09.2020 18:43

Nice diary.

It's a good news that Schools and Universities are open now.
Picture of sunlight is Awesome. Biryani is looking delicious. Biryani is my favorite food. How much did it cost you to eat biryani? Reading your diary is a great experience.
Thank you.




17.09.2020 19:28

Thank you, it costs 50PKR equal 2 STEEM.

18.09.2020 02:24

That's cool. The cost of 1plate biryani in Bangladesh is 5 steem.




18.09.2020 04:48

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